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Do not remember Hugo in vain

Presidential Administration of the USA has acted with an official statement in which separated from a recent appeal of preacher Peta Robertson to kill the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez who have sounded on air of teleshow. However it has not removed intensity in the scandal which has burst about it between Washington and Caracas.
yesterday a press - the secretary of US State department Sean Makkormak has acted with an official statement devoted to scandalous performance of well-known preacher Peta Robertson, taken place on air of teleshow 700 Club on Monday. Mister Robertson has told the following: We do not need to spend $200 more mlrd for getting rid of the next to the teeth armed dictator. We have variety of methods which allow to reach it (the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. - ) and to finish it once and for all . To make it, according to the preacher, it is necessary that Not to allow Venezuela to become a launching pad for radical communists and Moslems . As mister Makkormak has noted, an appeal of the preacher to kill the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez is unacceptable, and plans of liquidation of mister Chavez do not enter into a policy of the White house . However, as has explained a press - the secretary of State department, mister Robertson has acted with own opinion, on which expression it has a just cause .

the Information about a number of methods has tried to deny and the head of the Pentagon Donald Ramsfeld who has noticed that liquidation of foreign leaders is not included into the competence of defensive department . Besides, mister Ramsfeld also has underlined that the preacher is first of all the private person . And private persons, - the head of the Pentagon summarised, - constantly tell something in such spirit .

Mister Ramsfeld was objected by representatives of Democratic party of the USA. The matter is that mister Robertson is the founder of the largest Christian movement in USA Christians Coalition, and its authority among believers is high enough. Thus the preacher regularly communicating with flock on air of own teleshow 700 Club, is considered one of the most devoted and convinced supporters of the present US president and Republican Party. So, informs AP, as a result of support of mister Robertson on presidential election in the USA in 2004 for George Bush`s nominee - younger nine of ten American evangelists have voted on the average. Therefore, representatives of democrats confirm, the authorities were limited official distantsirovaniem from appeals of the preacher instead of the prevention or punishment.

reaction of the American authorities has caused disappointment in official Caracas. As the vice-president of Venezuela Jose Visente Ranhel, " has declared; we expected bolshego as under the American laws such statements should be pursued on court . Mister Ranhel has accused the American authorities that they suppose terrorist slogans in the heart of the country .

the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has reacted to the burst scandal rather easy. Statements of mister Robertson and reaction of official Washington, according to mister Chavez, at all it has not touched . After a while he has noticed that for a long time wanted to sell oil directly to the American poor men, instead of their government . However, how he intends to make it, mister Chavez has not explained.

earlier it repeatedly threatened Washington to stop oil deliveries, asserting that the American authorities interfere with internal affairs of its country. For today Venezuela delivers the USA of 1300 thousand barrels of oil in day (about 8 % of all volume of receipts of oil in the USA), and consequently oil - one of bargaining chips of mister Chavez in relations with the White house.