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Werewolves in epaulets have got on advertising

As it became known , one of these days in Mednogorske (Orenburg region) on suspicion in murder of the director of advertising agency studio - Mednogorsk Andrey Shongina major Igor Zubrilin and its subordinate, younger operupolnomochennyj Vladimir Melikhov have been arrested the chief of criminal investigation department local gorotdelenija militias. Women under investigation insist that murder has occurred on imprudence, but, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, the businessman have killed that he has refused to pay to militiamen money. On August, 7th in wood near to Mednogorska inhabitants have found out the disfigured corpse of the man. Killed - 24 - summer townsman Andrey Shongin, last two years heading advertising agency studio - Mednogorsk . Examination has shown that his death has come from suffocation. The area Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges under item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Murder ) . After some days in gorotdel militias have arrived deputy chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs on criminal militia and an investigatory part. As it has appeared, such interest of a management of the Department of Internal Affairs to murder of the head studio was not casual. at investigation we have found out that on August, 6th (day of murder - ) practically right after occurrences in agency Shongin has left in an unknown direction on the car belonging mednogorskomu gorotdelu to militia - public prosecutor Mednogorska Ivan Nikitin has informed . The car was registered for the chief of criminal investigation department Medical Nogorsky ROVD on major Igor Zubrilinym.
As the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Orenburg region Alexander Rejmer, one of these days " has informed ; on suspicion in murder Zubrilin and one of its subordinates - younger operupolnomochennyj Vladimir Melikhov are detained. Now they give evidences .
Under the information , the consequence considers two basic versions of murder. The first is based on indications which are given by arrested persons. As they said, they were familiar for a long time with Andrey Shonginym. And in day of murder they have simply called in to it on a visit, then have three together gone to have dinner in cafe. It is confirmed, by the way, also with witnesses, - field investigators and the director studio saw together in a snackbar. Then at the initiative of militiamen all three have gone on the nature . From indications of major Zubrilina follows that Shongin owed to its acquaintance a great sum of money, but did not want them to return. From - for it in wood there was a quarrel, and then and murder.
but the Office of Public Prosecutor is more declined to the second version - extortion. There are suspicions that Zubrilin and Melikhov met Andrey Shonginym to force it to share incomes of advertising. Under indications of friends killed, militiamen did similar offers to it not once. When the businessman has again refused and has threatened that will give out racketeers in epaulets UBOPu, it have decided to clean. According to the source in department on investigation heavy and especially grave crimes of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, it was a question of 100 thousand roubles. But arrested persons categorically deny it.
according to a source , under the version which women under investigation adhere, them can make 109 items of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( death Causing on imprudence ) On which to them threatens only till three years of imprisonment. But if it will be proved that murder of Shongina is connected with extortion at it money, it already other article (105 items of the criminal code of Russian Federation - ), and punishment for it will be absolutely another - from 8 till 20 years - considers a source.
in the Department of Internal Affairs have informed that the hope that suspects will manage to defend the version, practically is not present. Business is on personal control at general Rejmera who declared time and again that any criminal, including the militiaman, should be imprisoned - have declared in the Department of Internal Affairs.