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The conflict of the raised comfort

judicial session is appointed To September, 12th in the Rostov arbitration under the claim of the leading railway restaurant operator of the south of Russia of Open Company Service to Open Society branch the Russian Railway Severo - the Caucasian railway, about a recognition operating lease contracts of dining-cars which management SKZHD intends to cancel. According to observers, attempt of management SKZHD to refuse services of the long-term tenant is connected with begun repartition of the restaurant market of road.
in April, 2003 of Open Company Service has concluded the lease contract of dining-cars of five fast firm trains of the Moscow direction ( the Quiet Don Ataman Platov Ossetia etc.) With service in them of cars of the raised comfort business - and the house-keeper - a class. Granting of a totality of additional services (qualitative linen, printed matter, a food with a special diet, etc.) Managed to passengers from 455 to 820 roubles from the person. Considering that in each of firm trains to four cars of the raised comfort which on a capital direction as a rule are jam-packed, the profit of the company serving them was enough serious. According to experts, for last three years after introduction dopuslug on the railway volumes of this segment of the market have grown in 7-8 times. As has noticed the head of Open Company Service Elena Sedyh, a gain for one flight of the train which are en route of 15 hours, can make to 20 thousand roubles.

in June, 2005 there was an order of the president the Russian Railway 90 about the organisation in 44 subjects of federation of the Russian Federation of the regional passenger companies in which functions service of passengers, including in dining-cars will be included. Many commercial structures have there and then paid attention to the perspective market.

Under the statement of the madam Gray-haired, representatives of certain unknown firms whom, assuring of the affinity to management SKZHD have become constant visitor at it in office, suggested it to leave voluntary from the market and to release a place for other company. When it has refused, in Rostov Open Company with the similar name with which SKZHD in July and has concluded the lease contract has been registered, preliminary having broken off it with firm of the madam Gray-haired under the pretext of that it ostensibly regularly did not carry out conditions on service of passengers. Simultaneously since July the road has ceased to pay the services given by its company, and on the end of August debts SKZHD before old Open Company Service has reached 6,12 million roubles. Under the statement of the madam Gray-haired, besides the road management backdating has lifted a lath of rent of dining-cars in eight times (the former rate - 1366,32 roubles a day for firm trains). It has regarded the given actions as pressure upon the company on purpose to force out it from the market.

Open Company Service has submitted to the Rostov arbitration to SKZHD some claims about a recognition operating the contracts on rent, demanding to oblige road to execute their condition and to forbid to transfer the rent rights to the third companies. On July, 29th the court has accepted obespechitelnye measures under the claim, having forbidden SKZHD to conclude grazhdansko - the legal transactions attracting changes of the present the status - kvo.

In management SKZHD have noticed that in a course of a state of affairs, but will not make comments yet on the given situation .

Judicial session on this business is appointed to September, 12th.