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Yesterday Michael Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev and their lawyers have submitted to Petty-bourgeois court the objections on reports of judicial sessions (term of acquaintance with them has been limited on August, 25th). Remarks are submitted on originals of reports, thus protection has had time to study only 15 of 26 volumes. As earlier informed (number from August, 10th see), on August, 9th the Petty-bourgeois court has refused to lawyers their right to get acquainted with originals of reports, having handed out it incomplete copies of these documents. With copies protection did not begin to work. As a result of the remark of protection of Platon Lebedev have made about 150 sheets, Michael Khodorkovsky`s protection - nearby 130. As Elena Liptser, " has explained the lawyer; remarks represent purely technical transfers of discrepancies of the report to the process audio records, tabulated . At first the opinion concerning remarks will state Petty-bourgeois court, then they will be attached to criminal case, and already after that it will be directed to Moscow City Court for appeal consideration on a sentence. Most likely, it happens in September.