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Gazbank turns pink

AKB Gazbank began to make out new dopofisy in rozovo - yellow - colours of a new symbol of credit institution - birds of Gaby. In many respects change of image of bank is connected with desire to work on other target audience - on the mass end user, instead of on solid clients . In Gazbanke have refused to sound the sum of the investments put in change of shape of credit institution. Experts do not exclude that image change can push away some serious clients . Joint-stock commercial bank Gazbank has been created in 1993. Under the information from a credit institution site, shareholders of bank are: Vladimir Avetisjan - 14,41 %, Oleg Dyachenko - 14,41 %, Gennady Zvyagin, Pavel Ivanov - 14,41 %, Andrey Kislov - 14,41 %, Alexey Titov - 14,47 %, Alexander Gridnev - 14,41 %, Open Society Gazprom - 0,06 %. The bank has seven branches through which carries out the activity in territory of the Russian Federation. By data for December, 31st, 2004 own means Gazbanka made 940 million 967 thousand roubles.
AKB Gazbank has started to renew the dopofisy in new colours. Now instead of traditional - a habitual combination of grey and dark blue branch of bank are painted in pink and yellow - colours of a new symbol of bank - birds of Gaby. In the credit institution say that in this case is a question not about rebrendinge, and only of gradual work on advancement of an image Gaby. And while in rozovo - yellow scale there will be only new offices, however possibility of renewal and already existing further is considered.
according to the director for development of communication group Monday Marias Reshetinoj, the desire " became a principal cause of change of a brand; Gazbanka to replace target audience On the mass end user, instead of on solid clients . Rebrending in bank sphere - a thing extended enough, especially when the bank enters the new market, as Gazbank - madam Reshetina, - " has explained; with the advent of Gaby they began to advertise actively a retail and the contributions focused on private persons . As the adviser of the chairman of board of directors of Open Society has noted bank the Priority Sergey Potapov, change of firm colours looks quite logical within the limits of the general program of formation of their new image which embodiment is Gaba, time they as a whole have accepted such concept . It agree with it and the deputy director of KB the Samara credit Denis Hadeev: Reduction of external carriers on offices Gazbanka in conformity with a new brand - a step quite logical, as office - one of the most active carriers of a trade mark . However, according to mister Hadeeva, it was necessary to do it earlier, with the advent of Gaby. As Maria Reshetina has noticed, that Gazbank began to renew the offices in rozovo - yellow colours of Gaby, speaks about success of this project. means Gazbanku now these colours to use more interesting, than former it is grey - dark blue. Hence, and expenses on rebrendingu will pay off. I doubt that the top - management of large regional bank would began to change a corporate style, without having counted all pluses and risks - madam Reshetina considers. According to general director PR - agencies Praton Tatyanas Mokshinoj, it is primary people hard enough perceived changes of external shape of bank. Gazbank personified constant, intelligent, classical bank, and it is grey - dark blue tone were an embodiment of a reserved semi-official organ. It was the status brand. Therefore - lovely, quite free, dynamical young woman - clients have concerned Gabe very carefully and frostily enough. However to become bright is almost unique way to be allocated from a number similar and to pay attention of the consumer to the services, after all the segment of bank services from the point of view of offers is monotonous enough - madam Mokshina has explained.
In most Gazbanke have refused to sound the sum of the investments planned on change of shape of credit institution. However, according to the experts, this pleasure expensive enough also can cost to bank of several tens thousand dollars. it is necessary to change not only an external signboard, but also interior registration. How many it will cost as a whole, to tell difficult. But it is unequivocal - expensively. Only the design order can cost about $15 thousand - Tatyana Mokshina has declared .
Thus analysts at all do not exclude that new image will not frighten off Serious clients . Perhaps someone also will frighten off. But besides it to solve Gazbanku and he has for certain counted this risk preliminary to own advantage - Maria Reshetina considers, in particular.