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At pre-trial detention centre walls Sailor`s Tishin yesterday there has passed the unapproved action of solidarity with Michael Khodorkovsky who has declared dry hunger-strike in protest at the conclusion in a punishment cell of Platon Lebedev. To support the prisoner have come more than 200 persons among whom the Russian legal experts and active workers of group " prevailed; Conscience . Participants had control over Michael Khodorkovsky`s portraits and slogans Is not present to a prison arbitrariness Punishment proceeds . that Khodorkovsky is translated in the general chamber, and Platon Lebedev - in a punishment cell, speaks about obvious political pressure with use of prison mechanisms - legal experts spoke each other. Head Committee - 2008 Harry Kasparov named an event behind lattices prison revenge and legal expert Lev Ponomarev has noticed that very much worries for Khodorkovsky`s life as, in its opinion, Dry hunger-strike in the conditions of prison - extremely hazardous to health act .
In half an hour to a demonstration venue there have arrived employees OVD Sokolniki East district of Moscow. The major of militia through a loudspeaker has asked all to disperse. Participants of the action loudly and for a long time applauded the major. it - both not picket, and not meeting, - was explained by them to it. Is a meeting of sympathising people, some of which carry with themselves Khodorkovsky`s portraits, as militiamen - epaulets on shoulders . While the militia waited a reinforcement for detention of picketers, the action has ended. Before leaving its participants promised to spend similar demonstrations of solidarity daily until Michael Khodorkovsky`s hunger-strike will proceed.