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Independent sudoproizvolstvo

on March, 14th, 2005 ustavnyj the court (MOUSTACHE) of St.-Petersburg recognised as illegal creation procedure in structure of management as a body city under the name administration of the governor . After six days governor Matvienko has declared that to press on it it is useless and the administration will not be liquidated.
in the answer on March, 22nd ustavnyj the court has made the decision on prolongation of powers of judges the MOUSTACHE for unlimited term . On May, 20th the MOUSTACHE has published an official explanation of the decision from March, 14th. In this explanation it was specified that the government of St.-Petersburg is obliged to cancel all legal certificates accepted nonexistent authority (administration of the governor. - ). The court also cancelled powers of administration and its head Victor Lobko, the right hand the governor.

on May, 25th the Legislative Assembly (ZS) St.-Petersburg has changed the law on the MOUSTACHE, and a week later and the city charter. Amendments provided reduction of powers of judges the MOUSTACHE and their re-election by September, 14th, 2005. Deputies also have forbidden the MOUSTACHE to establish the regulations. As a result of June, 14th the MOUSTACHE has suspended the activity.

on June, 15th group of inhabitants of Petersburg have challenged decisions ZS in city court. The court has postponed a legal investigation, having directed to the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation inquiry about constitutionality of federal legal base about judicial system and the status of judges.

on July, 7th deputies ZS have accepted the new regulations and an appointment procedure of judges the MOUSTACHE. On July, 14th the planned session the MOUSTACHE by new rules has not taken place from - for absence of quorum - supporters of the governor have not come.

on July, 29th Valentina Matvienko has addressed in ZS with the offer to stop powers of five of seven judges the MOUSTACHE. On August, 1st three judges the MOUSTACHE have written resignations.

on August, 1st and 2 the judge Lyudmila Kuleshov has directed the MOUSTACHE to the Constitutional court of the complaint that amendments to the charter and the law about the MOUSTACHE contradict the Constitution of the Russian Federation. On August, 23rd the governor has directed in ZS new representation - about the termination of powers of six judges the MOUSTACHE (except for Lyudmila Kuleshovoj).