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From Sergey Zivenko have taken away “ a black label “

On business eks - heads “ Rosspirtproma “ and the owner Kaluga TPG “ the Crystal “ Sergey Zivenko notable blow is struck. As it became known, the Federal Agency of intellectual property (Rospatent) has registered the rights to vodka trade mark Cristall belonging to Sergey Zivenko (is more known as “ a black label “) Behind the federal state enterprise (FKP) “ Sojuzplodoimport “. Updated Cristall in the near future will start to spread on Petersburg “ Livize “.
Dispute in various instances for trade mark Cristall between its owner TPG “ the Crystal “ (Kaluga) and “ Sojuzplodoimportom “ proceeds already almost two years. In FKP have considered that this trade mark is similar to degree of mixture with trade mark Kristal registered still in 1974 by All-Union external economic association “ Sojuzplodoimport “ which assignee is FKP.

In the beginning of this week FKP has received from Rospatent the certificate on registration of trade mark Cristall. “ We have already directed to زدأ ` address the Crystal ` the requirement to stop release of counterfeit production, - head ` has declared Sojuzplodoimporta ` Vladimir Loginov. - If in the near future it does not occur, we will direct materials to Office of Public Prosecutor “. Under plans of mister Loginov release Cristall will be translated on the Petersburg factory “ Liviz “ belonging to senator Alexander Sabadashu. On “ Livize “ have confirmed that the contract on release of new vodka mark will be signed within the next few days. “ it will be vodka with just the same design which all of us remember, - the councillor of factory managers Yury Loktionov has declared. - to position it we gather in a bonus segment “. Exact volumes of release mister Loktionov did not name, but has informed that “ it will be hundred thousand decalitres “ (now its manufacture in TPG makes literally some thousand has given - mark do not untwist from - for lawsuits with “ Sojuzplodoimportom “) . It is interesting that FKP is not going to refuse and vodka release under trade mark Kristal which now is issued at factory in Krasnodar territory. “ both trade marks should be present in the market, - mister Loginov considers. - only in different segments. The Krasnodar vodka remains on the average a price segment “.

In Kaluga TPG “ the Crystal “ have promised to challenge the Rospatent decision. “ we have nobody a challenged registration on this trade mark, - head TPG Sergey Zivenko has declared. Is a next illegal step of Rospatent and the next episode for the criminal case which excitation we will achieve “.

Result of struggle for the trademark can become that image will be no time popular vodka is seriously spoilt and to lift its sales it will be impossible. So has occurred, when Alexander Sabadash has begun judicial proceedings with Sergey Zivenko apropos “ Gzhelki “. As a result the most popular Russian vodka is no time has given in. Its manufacture was reduced ten times - from 500 thousand has given in a month to 50 thousand “ the Same destiny waits and Cristall, - the co-owner of holding ` Ladoga ` Veniamin Grabar is assured. - to Its owners will have no time for production advancement - they will be occupied by conducting numerous processes against each other “.