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mininformsvjazi will recode regions

Representatives of Mininformsvjazi yesterday declared the beginning of reform of codes in the Russian communication networks. In the end of this year three-value telephone codes of all regions of the centre of Russia, Moscow and the Kaliningrad region will be changed; they will begin with the four. And the zero in 2007 - will start to be used 2008 instead of the eight for an exit on the international and long-distance lines. Sense of reform in bringing the Russian system of codes into accord with universal, simultaneously having released operators millions numbers.
according to the director of department of a state policy in area infokommunikatsionnyh Vitaly Slizenja`s technologies, three-value telephone codes (DEF - codes), fixed on a geographical principle behind 19 regions of Russia are subject to replacement. The set of such codes is necessary to phone to the subscriber from - for borders or from other city. The subscriber at first types the eight, then a region code, then a code of settlement and, at last, number of local phone. Changes of codes will concern all areas of the Central federal district of Russia, Moscow, and also the Kaliningrad region and will mention in total hardly more than 11 million subscribers. The four instead of zero becomes the first figure of a regional code for them. New codes will start to operate since December, 1st of this year. Till January, 31st, 2006 to phone in regions it will be possible both on old, and on new codes. Since September, 1st of this year, according to the law About communication operators should start to notify subscribers on future changes.

according to mister Slizenja, replacement of the first figure of a code is necessary for the subsequent transition of Russia to new rules of a set of numbers at realisation long-distance and trunk calls. Now it is possible to do such calls of Russia, having typed the eight and leaving on an only thing line for today of the operator of a long-distance communication Rostelecom . In 2007 - 2008 Mininformsvjazi plans to cancel the eight. To make distant a call, instead of the eight the subscriber should type zero (for a domestic long distance communication) or two zero (for an international telecommunication). According to mister Slizenja, the Russian services of a long-distance communication will be harmonised with the standards of a set of number accepted almost worldwide where the zero is used for an exit on a long-distance communication line. Thus in Mininformsvjazi say that the innovation will do good to the Russian operators and their subscribers. For an exit on the international lines it is necessary to type not three figures (8 - 10), and two. using ten after the eight, we cannot enter the whole one hundred three-value codes for operators of mobile communication - mark in the ministry. Theoretically at use of codes from 100 to 199 at the disposal of operators of mobile communication there will be 100 million numbers. At last, as a result local numbers can begin with the eight, the range of number and for a fixed-line telephony will be liberated. Each region of Russia will receive an additional reserve in 1 million numbers.

change DEF - codes of areas - in this situation a necessary measure. On new system the subscriber at first will type one or two zero, then a two-place code of the operator, then a country or city code. If zero in geographical codes remained, calls from one settlement of region in another would appear impossible. Calling from Dmitrova, for example, to Moscow, the subscriber should dial number 0 - 095 - hhh - hh - hh. But the set of two zero would mean an exit on the international communication line successively, and 95 automatic telephone exchanges would apprehend as a code of the nonexistent operator of a long-distance communication - such call would be rejected.

According to participants of the market, the innovation of Mininformsvjazi is quite defensible. In TSentrtelekome yesterday have found it difficult to name, the company will incur what expenses in connection with change of geographical codes and transition from the eight on zero. Other operators consider that their expenses will be minimum. reduction of rules of fulfilment long-distance and trunk calls basically is logical. Expenses of operators for it will be minimum, - the vice-president of the company ` tells Korbina a Telecom ` Alexander Malis. - They are reduced to small change-over of the equipment on automatic telephone exchange and to the notification of subscribers. It becomes very simply: subscribers are rung round by the automated system which tells it about change of an order of a set of number. It is required to large operators on all it is some tens thousand dollars. It does not threaten our subscribers with inconveniences, and to us will not bring expenses .