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Arrangements were at a deadlock

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France yesterday declared failure of negotiations between Iran and an eurothree (Great Britain, Germany and France) concerning the Iranian nuclear program. Official Paris declared that the meeting planned for August, 31st of this year, will not take place, as Teheran in infringement of the previous arrangements has renewed works in the Isfahansky nuclear centre, connected with uranium enrichment. The European countries before protecting Iran on the world scene, have opposed it for the first time.
Indignation of Europe
Negotiations between Iran and an eurothree always were the extremely painful. They have begun in 2003, soon after the end of war in Iraq when in Washington more and more rigid charges to Iran began to be distributed. Considering that the Iranian mode together with Iraq was no time is included by US president George Bush in a harm axis Analysts have started talking that Iran can undergo to the American intrusion. Then the European countries closely connected with Iran by oil contracts, also have decided to intercede for it. the European friends of Teheran have put up an united front against the USA demanding immediate condemnation of the Iranian nuclear program in Security Council of the United Nations. And into number of defenders have entered not only opponents of war in Iraq, Germany and France, but also and its active participant - Great Britain. In October, 2003 of the head of three Ministries of Foreign Affairs - Joshka Fisher, Dominique de Villepin and Jack Straw have personally arrived to Teheran and have begun negotiations with Iran. They promised to protect Iran in the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA), without supposing infringement of interests of this country. Teheran incurred the obligation voluntary to suspend uranium enrichment. The USA assured that it is impossible to allow for Teheran to enrich uranium as it opens to it a way to creation of a nuclear bomb.

to Agree to Europeans and Iranians it was possible not at once. Negotiations went almost year - during each of meetings both parties declared consensus achievement, but, having parted, spoke about mutually exclusive conclusions and accused each other of infringement of just taken promises. Frequently Teheran already next day after negotiations with an eurothree declared position change, and all was necessary to make a fresh start.

only in November, 2004 the parties managed to fix arrangements, having signed the agreement according to which Iran incurred the obligation voluntary to suspend all works connected with enrichment of uranium. Right after signings have begun scandals: the parties accused each other of non-observance of conditions of the agreement. However, already in the beginning of this year it became clear that the price of this paper is very insignificant. The agreement has been signed by Mohammed Khatami`s former Iranian government and, as well as all leaving administration, was the extremely unpopular in the Iranian society, and the more so in conservative political elite.

the majority of participants of presidential campaign built the propaganda on the critic of foreign policy of president Khatami and almost all promised to reconsider completely the relation and to the nuclear program, and to negotiations with Europeans. But the main thing, the decision to replace tone in negotiations have accepted the religious authorities of the country led by the Supreme governor ajatolloj Ali Hamenei. And the most rigid in the Antieuropean rhetoric and most radical of candidates - Mahmud of Al Ahmadi - Nezhad has unexpectedly appeared the winner of presidential election.

Its election, and also behaviour of the Iranian officials and diplomats last months said that Teheran recognised the former course in negotiations with Europe erroneous and intends to change all anew. Even before inauguration of the new president Teheran consistently made very rigid statements in " address; eurothree . The Iranian management even put forward to Europeans the ultimatum with the requirement to give to them a new package of concessions - or Teheran will renew works on enrichment. Europe has swallowed an insult and has fulfilled the requirement: to Iran have offered a number economic and contract designs, and also additional guarantees in IAEA if only that did not renew enrichment. Teheran has rejected these offers as insignificant. On August, 8th the Isfahansky nuclear centre, which work has been suspended according to arrangements, again has been started. In the answer Europeans have in the last two days refused for the first time negotiations with Iran - the next round has been appointed to August, 31st.

persistence of the USA
Formally refusal of Europeans of a meeting with representatives of Iran is fraught for Teheran with serious consequences. After all already on September, 3rd at IAEA session in Vienna the next report on a condition of the Iranian nuclear branch should be presented. If IAEA board of governors recognises Iran as the infringer of obligations on non-distribution of the nuclear weapon business should be transferred in Security Council of the United Nations for introduction against Teheran of sanctions. It some years achieve the USA. According to Washington, there are no doubts that Iran anyhow aspires to receive the nuclear weapon, being covered with statements for development of peace atom. Till now Europeans interfered with transfer to the United Nations the Iranian file . Now there are no bases to believe that an eurothree will protect the former partner in negotiations.

on the other hand, at all the fact that IAEA report will contain proofs of obvious infringements from Iran. As the Washington Post newspaper has informed yesterday, the independent investigation team has come to a conclusion that the traces found in Iran vysokoobogashchennogo the uranium, which USA considered as the incontestable proof of aspiration of Teheran to create a nuclear bomb, actually have the Pakistan origin. That is Iran did not try to create at all own nuclear weapon, and one of the main proofs against Iran more that is not.

Washington has declared yesterday that whatever conclusions has made the court of inquiry, to Iran all the same there are many questions. The official representative of State department Sean Makkormak has reminded that Iran repeatedly refused to representatives of IAEA in access on the nuclear objects.

nevertheless, whatever was the report presented in Vienna by the general director of IAEA by Mohammed al - Baradei, most likely, the organisation decision will be far not so loyal to Iran as it was before.

Battle readiness of Iran
Sharp strain of relations with the European Union, apparently, is entered in the plan of action of the new Iranian authorities. The matter is that recently in Teheran even more often pass student`s demonstrations against cooperation with an eurothree . Some hundreds students almost daily picket embassies of Great Britain, Germany and France, name these countries puppets of Americans which try to plunder Iranians and to deprive the country of its legitimate rights.

with similar Antieuropean appeals the new authorities act also. President Mahmud of Al Ahmadi - Nezhad, acting in parliament during representation of structure of the new office, has accused the European countries that they carry out hostile concerning Iran to the policy instead of were grateful to Iranians for economic cooperation. they speak about any balance! What it for balance? It (restriction of development of nuclear branch. - ) it is dishonest and cruel in relation to sew to the country. Our people will not suffer such relation to on international scene - the president exclaimed.

to the Iranian authorities, it is natural, very favourable to incite a society against the West. Thus they try to rally the people round new national idea. However, intensity escalation is favourable also to Washington which achieves some years introduction of sanctions against Iran. The statements the administration of the USA, possibly, provokes Iran to race of arms. Old desire of Washington - that the Iranian mode was smeten as a result of revolt, instead of external intrusion. Thus, in the American interests that the Iranian petrodollars went on development of the nuclear program, its concealment and development VPK, instead of were invested in real economy. Thus, the USA have no anything against present war of nerves proceeded as much as long.

at last, an eurothree it is not interested only in full curling of economic relations with Iran. The present dissonance though will strike on diplomatic prestige of three countries, at all will not put them an economic loss. It means that Europe will care of preservation the status - kvo. As head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France Phillip Dust - Blazi admitted yesterday, the European countries do not intend to refuse contacts to Iran in general. It means that painful negotiations will proceed and after IAEA session. Both that and another will not bring result. Including because any of the parties is not interested in the return.