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the Prices for the mobile phones which have grown for last weeks on 30 - 40 %, on former level will not return. Operation of the militiamen who have withdrawn huge party of illicit cellular telephones, has compelled the largest sellers of mobile phones to start to build own channels of import. Yesterday the largest Russian ritejler the Euronetwork declared that now will be independent to deliver phones to Russia and to be engaged them rastamozhivaniem with payment of all necessary gathering and taxes. Experts consider that to an example Euronetworks other companies will soon follow, and the prices for phones will not return any more on former level.
on August, 16th representatives of investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs declared that as a result of operation on suppression of contraband of cellular telephones they had been withdrew some parties of tubes in gross weight in 300 t (about 1 million phones). Under the statement of militiamen, these phones intended for sale in salons Euronetworks Dixis, the Beta link ultra It is old and others. One million tubes is about fortnight sales volume of phones in Russia. Single withdrawal of such party has caused deficiency of cellular telephones. The prices for cellular telephones for a week have grown on 30 - 40 %.

Right after promulgations of results of militian operation representatives of the largest cellular ritejlerov have declared that confiscation of phones will not affect their business, having underlined that they are not engaged in import of tubes are their partners do. Formally they are right - schemes of deliveries operating till now did not mean direct participation ritejlerov. Responsibility for customs passage really does not bear the manufacturer, ritejler. For it the importer, which answers at use grey schemes of deliveries, as a rule, it appears firm - a something ephemeral.

As have shown last actions of militiamen, firms - a something ephemeral of absolute safety do not guarantee. For example, in investigatory committee assert that 80 tons of phones withdrawn by them intended Euronetworks . Possibly, having convinced of an inefficiency of former import schemes, in Euronetworks have decided to be engaged in import independently. What the president " yesterday has declared; Euronetworks Eldar Razroev. If ritejlery will be engaged in import, how the experts assure, no firms - a something ephemeral in the form of intermediaries at rastamozhivanii phones will exist. the statement ` Euronetworks ` that it will start to import itself phones to Russia, obviously, is dated for actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and investigatory committee on arrest of huge party of mobile phones, - the senior analyst Mobile Research Group of Eldar Murtazin speaks. - Actually yesterday ` the Euronetwork ` has told to the state: we start to work on - white. We expect that an example with ` Euronetworks ` take also others cellular ritejlery that will lead to preservation in the market of those prices which were established during crisis . By estimations MRG, phones will cost on 30 - 40 % more expensively concerning a price level has begun August. Participants of the market agree with estimation MRG also. before power structures have paid attention to the cellular market, cellular telephones were delivered to Russia under the pretext of scrap metal, - the head of one of the retail companies on sale of cellular telephones speaks. - therefore it is absolutely clear that if mobile phones will declare henceforth as difficult electronics, the prices for old level will not return never .

the Main thing on what saved at transportation of cellular telephones to Russia, - the value-added tax (VAT) making 18 %. The company - a something ephemeral which imported phones to Russia, underestimated their cost and such way reduced expenses affilirovannogo with it the retail seller. For example, if phone cost $300, its importer took it as phone in cost of $100, having paid thus the VAT at a rate of $18. After rastamozhivanija phones the company - the importer pereprodavala their cellular ritejleru at normal market price ($295) also paid to the state from this sum of the VAT ($53 a minus already paid at rastamozhivanii $18 - $35). When phone was on sale in retail ritejlerom with the trading margin in $5 - for $300, ritejler in the form of the VAT received from the buyer of $54, however had possibility to keep from this sum of $53 as the VAT has been already paid by the company - the importer. It turned out that all sum, including all VAT, the retail seller received. Now at a rate of $54 the seller will be compelled to give this sum to the state in a type of tax.

to follow for the Euronetwork Cellular ritejlery do not hasten. For example, in a network of salons of communication Dixis have declared that consider possibility to become the importer, however concrete terms cannot name.

if the company itself starts to import phones, it should allocate for it additional resources - time, people and money, - the operating partner of company Divizion Pavel Karaulov marks. - it is natural, this loading first of all will lay down on buyers. The prices will not fall to level pre-crisis, but we predict - they will be nevertheless more low, than now, on 10 - 15 % .