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Achinsk officials prokatili in UFAS

Yesterday in management of federal antimonopoly service (UFAS) across Krasnoyarsk region have declared that the decision of Achinsk city council of deputies About the organisation of passenger transportations contradicts the Federal law About a competition . antimonopolshchiki have considered that established in 2000 Achinsk members of parliament a competitive order of selection of autocarriers leads to restriction and a competition non-admission in the market of services in transportation of passengers by motor transport in Achinsk . The chairman of the City Council Nikolay Trikman has declared that if discrepancies to the law are, at the following session them will necessarily eliminate . However, as he said, it is not clear why antimonopolshchiki have paid attention to the parliamentary decision of five years` prescription right now. In business which was considered by the commission regional UFAS, it was a question of the decision of Achinsk members of parliament (appeared in 2000) on which in a city the competitive order of selection of carriers on bus routes has been established. According to representatives UFAS, this decision deputies have unreasonably prevented activity of managing subjects (separate from them, such as Passenger transport agency have been created primary business - conditions) that has led to restriction and a competition non-admission in the market of services in transportation of passengers by motor transport in Achinsk . Besides, antimonopolshchiki have declared that the city administration had no right to transfer the functions on the organisation of transport service of the population to the legal body. it also contradicts the Law About a competition . According to it, managing subjects cannot be allocated by functions and the rights of local governments - employees UFAS have underlined.

After consideration of all materials of business, the commission of management has made decision to recognise Achinsk city council broken requirements of the legislation on a competition also has given out to deputies the instruction about an exception of the decision of the points contradicting the antimonopoly law. Now members of parliament during monthly term are obliged to execute the instruction antimonopolshchikov. Already after session of the commission of the deputy chief regional UFAS Oleg Harchenko has declared : to Enter competition on autotransportations - means, to limit to someone access to the market. And in general cases with competitions on the autotransportations similar to it, in Russia occur regularly. Similar was 2 years ago in Krasnoyarsk, and in a city administration till now consider that we have ruined excellent idea. Deputies and officials establish competitions, antimonopolshchiki it stop. Normal practice - he has noted.

the chairman of the Achinsk City Council Nikolay Trikman has told that with decision UFAS has not familiarised yet, but if antimonopolshchiki, really, have found in our decisions of discrepancy to the legislation deputies at the following session necessarily will eliminate them . However, according to mister Trikmana, he does not understand, why 5 years nobody paid attention to the declared competition, and now have suddenly noticed: Yes, in the Achinsk market of passenger transportations there is a monopolist - Passenger transport agency . But for that time while this company is engaged in the business, uniform censure in its party from townsmen did not arrive. I so think that now someone else has wanted to enter this market, has seen that there are obstacles for business, and has addressed in antimonopoly committee .

Mister Harchenko in reply to it has declared that the decision of Achinsk deputies has come into the view UFAS as a result of one of target checks. it is not enough of us, therefore to follow all we not in a condition. We suspect that in other territories there can be the same, but yet in a condition all it traces - mister Harchenko

has explained