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  the Finance SUEK will spend for development of $300 millionovvchera Open Society SUEK has informed that the volume of investments of the company following the results of current year will increase in 2,8 times in comparison with last year - to $300 million Following the results of 2004 the volume of investments SUEK has made $105 million Most part of means will be directed on financing of such investment projects, as commissioning of mine 7 with volume of investments in 2004 - 2005 in 2 mlrd the rbl., remained - on building and modernisation of concentrating capacities on three mines, a cut Tugnujsky, Kasjanovsky concentrating factory. We will remind that Open Society net profit SUEK on RSBU in I half-year 2005 has decreased in 6,2 times in comparison with the similar period of the past year - to 539,9 million rbl. Decrease have arrived to the companies explain its redistribution between the holding enterprises, advancing growth of the cost price of sold coal (rate of increase of the basic costs exceeded rate of increase of the price of realisation). In turn the cost price has grown because of redistribution of sales volumes in the external and internal markets: SUEK has essentially increased export deliveries, and the cost price of extraction of export coal considerably above.

  the Project VSGK has counted up requirements of Buryatiya in gazevchera in the Uhlan - Ude at the first session of joint working group of the government of republic Buryatiya and Open Society management East - the Siberian gas company (VSGK), realising the project of gasification of the Baikal region on the basis of the Kovyktinsky deposit, the decision by November of this year to prepare the declaration on intentions under the project of gas supply of republic Buryatiya was accepted.
the preliminary analysis of potential requirement of republic Buryatiya in natural gas Besides, has been carried out. By Open Society estimations RUSIA Petroleum owning the licence for working out Kovyktinsky GKM, the requirement for gas for Buryatiya under the pessimistic forecast makes 400 million in cubic m a year, on optimistic - 1,7 mlrd cubic m. According to general director VSGK Alexey Sobolja, the institute of systems of power of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science of a name of Melentyev names other figures - 0, 5 - 1,1 mlrd cubic metre a year. by our own estimations - about 700 million in cubic m a year - has noted g - n the Sable.
as he said, the greatest interest to the project of gas supply of republic Buryatiya objects of municipal power system and a number of the large enterprises, except for the Gusinoozersky state district power station show. According to local analysts, in kovyktinskom gas the large-scale industry of Buryatiya yet does not show special interest.

  the Crime In Irkutsk liquidated especially armed banduvchera a press - the service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Irkutsk region has informed that in the beginning of August employees of regional management of a criminal investigation department have neutralised a gang which was engaged in autorobberies in Irkutsk. In one night field investigators have detained seven suspects - their names are not disclosed - at the age from 35 till 40 years. Later the eighth participant of group has been detained. According to militia, they are involved in a number of loud crimes, including - to an attack on the bus with shuttles going from Irkutsk in the Peoples Republic of China behind the goods. On September, 21st, 2002 the four criminals who have changed clothes in the militian form, have stopped the bus at settlement Vydrino (Buryatiya), have killed two drivers and the commercial director of travel agency the Boomerang organised this round, also have plundered passengers. Extraction of robbers has made 1,6 million rbl. In October of the same year, according to field investigators, members of this gang in vicinities Svirska (Irkutsk region) have stopped Volga belonging to Joint-Stock Company Vostsibakkumuljator also have shot the driver and the engineer of this company.
on the night of February, 7th of this year criminal group, having got into a building of Irkutsk state agricultural academy and having wounded three security guards, unsuccessfully tried to steal money from high school accounts department. Under the message a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the gang has been well armed. Kalashnikov`s seven automatic machines, two sniper rifles, four pistols of Makarova, three revolvers of manufacture are withdrawn from arrested persons 1920 - h, a pistol - a machine gun of foreign manufacture with the muffler, four sawn-off shotguns of the hunting guns, an improvised explosive device capacity in 1 kg of the trotyl, three grenades and more than 2 thousand cartridges of different calibre. Besides this arsenal radio stations have been found in apartments of suspects, complete sets of the camouflage and militian form.
the Suspect brings accusations under articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation 105 (murder) and 162 (robbery).
Alexander Popov