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We showed video under a foot of the builder of communism

In Moscow has begun 4 - j festival videoarta It is empty . Public displays of video art open-air will take place today and tomorrow evening on to the Art arrow . The day before IRINA - KULIK has had a talk with the curator of this unique action by XENIA peretruhinoj.
- For four years the festival has had time to replace three venues. It started on a Pushkin Square, then has got over on a corner of Kadashevsky quay and the Lavrushinsky lane, and here now has moved on to the Art arrow . Whether the concept of festival has changed in connection with these movings? After all the Arrow - not so neutral city space, and a place professional, galerejnoe?

- the Concept remains, it has simply undergone some changes. Earlier our festival was known to nobody, and there was a hope only on casual passers-by who basically can and on to the Art arrow to come, having made out something such from the bridge. And now we is wide proanonsirovali our festival. Many, by the way, were dissatisfied that we do it on to the Art arrow - to people that was very much fell in love pustyrnaja ideology, which to ourselves rather podnadoela.

- you have refused from pustynnichestva because you were bothered with ideology or because administrative problems have bothered?

- When the curator Art arrows Olga Lopuhova has suggested to make It is empty there, I did not doubt seconds. I am fascinated by the idea of this place, its domesticity, a brotherhood, that at us is now such all favourite a monastery the modern art. Besides in the concept of our festival that it should move constantly is put. This year we, for example, carried our festival in Tolyatti. Showed video on a projector standing in a luggage carrier of the car, on a recreation centre wall, under a foot the builder of communism from a huge metal bas-relief. We were estimated even by workers coming back from change - one of them has presented to me some bottles of beer and tried to explain, how it was amazed with our action. In September we carry our festival to Ekaterinburg. I in general would like, that our festival was not any local, dot event which occurs only here and now, and became such station public art that different cities could exchange among themselves the projects of public art.

- in Moscow since 2002 has passed many street actions - like festivals of electronic music and videoarta on the Marsh area. Whether the competition to these more scale actions frightens you?

- Now we pass very important stage. From revolutionary idea - that for nonsense you here have started is becomes norm and a habit. I terribly like the statement of the well-known Italian art - the critic and curator Akile Bonito of the Olive the Modern art is our attempt to become more difficult . In it idea of redundancy expensive to me is put. Art is not that that we presume is necessary for a survival, and. To me at all did not come to mind thought on a competition: if all - is superfluous, as something can appear superfluous? In our festival obviously there is no necessity is simply intellectual luxury.

- that first of all it is necessary to look at present festival?
- I am very glad that such stars participate in present festival, as Vladimir Dubosarsky. It specially for us has made a film about Moscow biennial. We will show early, the end 1980 - h - the beginnings 1990 - h, Oleg Kulika`s made still before it the films became the person - a dog and piracy video Vladislav Mamysheva - Monroe. From habitues will be, certainly, Dark blue noses which much never happens. And from exotic - a retrospective show Macedonian videoarta. We have expanded our format and have included in it a musical part. This year we have united with electronic festival Urban Soundscape - before the beginning of projections since eight evenings on to the Art arrow there will be live musical performances.

- it is possible to dream up that once festival It is empty becomes something so grandiose how show Jean - Michel Zharra, and will occur, say, on Red Square?

- For me very sharply there was a problem of scale of festival. We would like, that It is empty has kept lines of such chamber Woodstock, and, on - to mine more to expand it it is not necessary. Moscow and so it is blase by global projects, and kamernost is that it would not be desirable to lose.