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George Bush
the US president

Until then while I the president, we will not disengage the armies. We will struggle and we will win war with terror .

Such statement was made on Wednesday by US president George Bush, addressing to military men of national guards of Idaho in Nampe. Rates in Iraq are high. The cruel violence reigning in Iraq, proves aspiration of terrorists to prevent a democracy establishment in the Near East - he has declared. However the USA intend to finish the work in Afghanistan and Iraq. the immediate conclusion of our armies from Iraq or from other areas of the Near East for what call some, only will embolden terrorists and will provide with it a platform for realisation of the new acts of terrorism directed against America and other free states - the US president has told. At the same time past Tuesday the chief of an operational administration of Incorporated command of armed forces of the USA the general - the major Ljut has declared Douglas reduction the next year armies of the USA in Iraq: to Americans to look difficult not invaders when in the country are 150 thousand foreign soldiers.

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