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There are intensive negotiations

Yesterday a management Omsk HK Avant-guard has directed to professional hockey league of Russia (PHL) the list of hockey players which will protect colours of club in the championship 2005 - 2006 Contrary to expectations of fans selectors HK yet do not send adequate replacement to the leaders who have left a team of an attack. Last acquisition Avant-guard there was goalkeeper Boris Tortunov. However, of a command management are assured that prior to the beginning of the championship Avant-guard still will have time to conclude contracts with a number of known forwards .
On the eve of start of the championship of Russia on hockey in the demand Omsk Avant-guard 29 hockey players - 3 goalkeepers, 10 defenders and 16 attacking. 14 hockey players, including three young pupils of Omsk hockey, have come in Avant-guard in inter-season period. Middle age of a command - 26 years.

According to the schedule confirmed PHL, Omsk HK Avant-guard yesterday has declared structure of hockey players on games of the championship of Russia which starts on September, 7th. And yesterday it became known that the next beginner of a command became 32 - summer goalkeeper Boris Tortunov, in the past season supporting Chelyabinsk the Tractor and in inter-season period - for Belarus Neman . Thus, to selectors of club all - taki was possible to find replacement to the Ilya Bryzgalovu who has left in NHL. In spite of the fact that Boris Tortunov hardly can make Normu Maraklu competition, in a management Avant-guard are assured that vratarskaja the problem is completely solved. to a trainer`s staff Boris Tortunova`s possibilities are perfectly known (in the past this goalkeeper already played under the direction of the head coach Avant-guard Valery Belousova. - ). The contract is signed, and changes in structure vratarskoj brigades any more will not be - the head has informed a press - services Avant-guard Arcady Alekseev.
in spite of the fact that the demand in PHL is already sent, the club continues search of the players, capable to replace key forwards who have recently left a team of Jaromira Jagra, Alexander Frolov and Alexander Perezhogina. the Regulations give us basic possibility dozajavljat players up to September, 5th. And now there are intensive negotiations with a number of forwards known to the Russian fans - Alexey`s mister has declared, having added, however, that it is not necessary to forget and about autumn dozajavochnoj campaigns (under regulations dozajavljat hockey players it is possible from November, 10 till November, 14th and from December, 15 till December, 19th, 2005 - ).
Under the informal information, within the next few days numbers Avant-guard can fill up 25 - a summer centre forward of club of NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Milan Kraft (in last season of NHL has played 66 matches, has hammered in 19 washers and has given 21 goal pass. - ). To disappointment of Omsk fans, hearings that as a part of club there will be a star sheaf of forwards Ilya Kovalchuk - Deni Hitli, have not proved to be true. Yesterday it became known that the first will spend a season in situated near Moscow the Chemist the second - in NHL Ottawa Senators club.
While Avant-guard continues preparation for last early tournament - to Victor Blinova`s anniversary XX memorial which won already 13 times. On ice SKK of a name of Victor Blinova the Omsk command will spend the first match on August, 28th against Nizhnekamsk the Petrochemist .
Anton Medvedev