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Telecinema for a week


Event of week - the American psychopath (American Psycho, 1999) Mary Herron, a screen version of the best seller of Breta of Easton Ellisa (on August, 26th, the First channel 1. 00 ****). in the debut I shot at Andy Warhol (I Shot Andy Warhol, 1996) it convincingly and impartially reconstructed a life nju - jorkskoj bohemias of the end 1960 - h years. In a lampoon the Psychopath has taken out the death sentence to gold boys with Uoll - strit. 1980 - e years were sorry jappi, eternally getting to the most dangerous alterations at the first collision with the world spread behind a threshold of their offices. In the Psychopath it is necessary to be afraid of the hero, Patrick Bejtmena, the vice-president something there. That it is not important: At business meetings Patrick discusses just opened exotic restaurants with colleagues and absent-mindedly draws in a notebook the dismembered female bodies. For cards or complexes of vitamins he speaks about a fashionable musical, a paper with the same cold aplomb as about ways of the tortures, allowing to stretch an agony of a victim. At night Patrick consumes death as easy, as gaspachcho at dinner and cocaine in night clubs. In words it is compelled to be politically correct, but in the most fanatic ways exterminates just those with whom ostensibly sympathises: vagabonds and prostitutes. Mary Herron has found almost ideal visual analogue the talky novel, almost which half occupy descriptions of dresses of Patrick, its contained refrigerator and bathroom accessories. This aggressive veshchnost as if asked on the screen. Patrick exists in the sterile space which has been filled in with dead, artificial light, among white walls which occasionally, here disappointment, spoil blood splashes. Kelly`s gang (Ned Kelly, 2003) Gregor Jordan - an amusing example of a western on - avstralijski (on August, 27th, the First channel 1. 30 **). in the Australian mythology the place of hunters and cowboys from the Wild West occupy bushrejndzhery noble robbers of the Victorian epoch. Most known of them - Irish Ned Kelly on which capture of a gang the government has thrown almost regular army. The epopee of the plain guy who has become by the robber as the authorities have not estimated its skill konokrada, is removed napyshchenno and is pathos, as if it is a question of any local Emelke Pugacheve. And Kelly`s gang as guerrilla group behaves: grasps for three days the whole small town, assorts tracks before an echelon with chasteners. But on a film the touching print of the Australian provinciality lies. Gangsters remind the peasants who have dressed up on fair, carry broad beards and vests. Plunder banks slowly, entering sedate conversations with the victims. However, in the ending they remind already any Mikul Seljaninovichej. On final fight they leave, having fastened self-made chain armours, and heads having put on, as helmets, buckets with cuts for eyes and a mouth. Julia (Julia, 1977) Freda Tsinnemana - a screen version of a memoirs short story of Lilian Hellman rectilinear, noble, pathetic and moving to tears, the writers, the well-known script writer, the wife of the founder nuara Deshiela Hemmeta and communists (on August, 28th, the First channel 1. 30 ***). Julia (Vanessa Redgrave) - the girlfriend of its youth, the aristocrat studying in 1920 - h years at the Viennese university at Freud and Einstein, but chosen a way of antifascist struggle. Crippled in street fights in Vienna, running to France, exposed to brutal tortures in Gestapo and and disappeared where - that on war fire, it was for Hellman the double, to those whom the writer could and was afraid to become. Not without reason in the ending of Hellman (Jane Fonda) desperately searches for the child of the lost girlfriend. The film version of last years of Amedeo Modigliani`s life Montparnasse, 19 (Montparnasse, 19, 1957) Jacque Bekker does not need to be compared to the real biography of the artist (on August, 28th, Culture 19. 20 ***). Bekker was first of all the poet of old kind Paris which has sunk for ever, a bistro, national dances and rassvetnyh streets on which artists with easels walked on etudes as efficiently, as handicraftsmen in workshops. History Modigliani (Zherar Phillip) and its girlfriends Jeanne Ebjutern (Anuk Eme) - a frank melodrama, a cruel and bitter street chanson where all rules of a genre are observed. The poor and strongly drinking artist, at night with a candle in hands painfully peering at the canvases. Parents of the bride hostile to it. Dances under an accordion in a democratic vegetable marrow. The inhabitants revolted with that in a gallery show-window is exposed Bared Modigliani, and the policemen demanding at fumblers - italjashki residence permit.