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The USA undertook the Russian weapon

Yesterday official visit to Russia two American senators - the chairman of committee on the international affairs of the upper chamber of parliament of the USA republican Richard Lugara and its colleague, democrat Barack Obama has begun. After a trip to Tripoli on negotiations with Muamarom Kaddafi and to Ireland, on the conference devoted American - to the Russian relations, two senators will spend three days to the Russian Federation and besides negotiations in Moscow will visit storehouse of nuclear ammunition in Beryozovka near Saratov for the purpose of acquaintance with a condition of system of its protection, and also factory on destruction of the chemical weapon in Kambarke (Udmurtiya).
the Eternal program
If for for the first time elite in the senate from the State of Illinois 44 - summer Negro Barack Obama the present trip to Russia is more likely caused by desire to understand the one who and as supports skinheads grown wise political experience 73 - summer Richard Lugar (the candidate for US presidents in 1996, invariably selected in the senate of the USA since 1976) has arrived to Moscow with the big list of questions.

mister Lugar - the co-author of the program of Nann - Lugar which are accepted by the congress of the USA in 1991 and setting as the purpose destruction of the biological, nuclear and chemical weapon and systems of its delivery in Russia and on the post-Soviet territory. Richard Lugar is proud of that became one of its founders to what testify not only the data of efficiency the programs which have been hung out on the Internet - a site of the senator, but also its support by US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice. Mister Lugar has openly declared it in the beginning of year, during the statement of madam Rice lasting many hours on a post of the US State Secretary committee on the international affairs of the senate. Under data, in the congress said then that the old man pincers has pulled out from Kondi the promise to support the program . Lugaru it was necessary, - continued same ill-wishers, - to affect on senators who consider that it is favourable to Russian to destroy second-hand articles on the American money and at the same time to create new arms .

However, the data about dismantled both destroyed to Russia and the CIS for years of existence of the program of Nann - Lugar 6760 nuclear warheads and 789 rockets at all do not mean that senator Lugar is happy with a present course of events. It has publicly expressed this discontent on April, 13th, 2005 at hearings in the senatorial committee during Robert Joseph`s statement the assistant to the state secretary on control over arms and the international safety. Senator Lugar has complained then that Russia has decided to tax the means directed by the government of the USA on destruction Russian OMP. Mister Joseph has promised to understand this history, no less than some Russian high-ranking officials who have visited this year in Washington.

who has angered Lugara?
the Discontent of the senator with a course of the program in Russia (the fault for it is assigned by employees of the device of the congress to the Minister of Defence and the government of the Russian Federation) became not a unique occasion to Richard Lugara`s sharp performances concerning the Kremlin, made during this year. The list of claims of the senator - the veteran to a management of Russia is comparable that repeatedly expressed to the high-ranking Russian officials, including the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, representatives of administration of the USA. Actually, on Richard Lugara`s performances this year it is possible to track change of a political line of the White house concerning Russia.

at mister Lugara all has begun with Ukraine and Georgia. We will remind that to Kiev the senator has arrived in 2004 the chief negotiator of the USA, observing of a course of presidential election. Besides indignation of Victor Yanukovych`s open support from Moscow, the senator, having returned to Washington, has told that in Kiev watched its each step.

after the Ukrainian and Georgian elections of the relation between the White house and the Kremlin have grown cold, and Richard Lugar has made for the first time sharp statements to Moscow. It has occurred on February, 17th, 2005 at hearings in committee on the international affairs of the senate about Withdrawal of Russia from democracy principles . Then Richard Lugar has declared that the Kremlin has unsuccessfully tried to affect result of elections in Ukraine and to support separative regions of Georgia . In the same performance the senator has remembered also support by Russia of aspirations of president Lukashenko to keep the power in Belarus and the help to the governments of Central Asia in their struggle against democratic transformations . Having balanced this phrase importance of Russia from which the USA should have constructive relations the senator has noticed that they cannot develop positively, at that time when in the Russian Federation base freedom " are broken;. As an example Richard Lugar has resulted business eks - heads of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky, having noted to the politician of suppression by the Kremlin political opposition and alarm of foreign investors . In the same performance the senator has joined many colleagues in their appeals to US president George Bush to have a talk on these themes with Vladimir Putin in Bratislava.

Slovak delimitation
that has occurred in Bratislava, has been written already very much. Important that, relations between Russia and the USA after a meeting of two presidents in Slovakia have how much worsened, and that the administration of the White house has decided in this connection to undertake. The congress and a State department part tried to force to oppose as much as possible sharply the White house external and internal policy of the Kremlin. Richard Lugar, watching these disputes as consider many in Washington, has chosen more weighed position of administration which has decided the irritation not to show publicly actions of the Kremlin.

on June, 21st this year senator Lugar has carried out the second hearings on to the Politician of the USA concerning Russia on which though has accused president Putin In strengthening of authoritative style of a management, its control over mass-media and payments with political opponents has opposed appeals to isolate Russia . In the statement the senator has tried not only to follow a policy of administration, but also to remind all about necessities of cooperation with Moscow in the field of its destruction OMP . That is about the program of Nann - Lugar. Besides it, in Richard Lugara`s speech the phrase that " has sounded; only 4 % of the Russian oil are exported to the USA .

Probably, in the end of June the White house still had hopes that power dialogue with the Kremlin will receive real filling - one of experts in Washington has told. To the middle of summer, - the same expert has continued, - from these hopes remains nothing that has caused sharp discontent of a powerful part of administration to which the irritation attempts of the Kremlin to clean the American bases from the countries of Central Asia " has increased;.

In performance on July, 27th this year on William Burns`s statement the new ambassador of the USA in Moscow Richard Lugar already has not mentioned a word about oil riches of Russia. Actually, and the White house continues to adhere to that policy concerning Russia which was formulated in the senate by Richard Lugar. Publicly any sharp statements has not followed. it is difficult to expect, - the source in the congress device has told, - that Lugar in Moscow begins to criticise publicly Putin . However, - he has added, - after a trip to Russia the senator will depart to Kiev on a meeting with Victor Yushchenko, and then in Baku to Ilham Aliyev . According to a source, such route to the Kremlin will be quite clear.