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German elections recognised as constitutional

Yesterday the constitutional court of Germany recognised as legitimate the decision of the president of the country Horsta Kelera on carrying out of national elections on September, 18th. Having rejected the complaint of the deputies, demanding to recognise early election not corresponding to the German constitution, the constitutional court has eliminated last obstacle in a way of their carrying out. It is remarkable that a judgement welcomed not only opposition to which observers promise a victory, but also German chancellor Gerhard Schroder.
the decision to recognise early election not contradicting the country constitution was accepted yesterday in the morning in Karlsruhe (a federal land Baden - Wurtemberg) after short session of judges of the second chamber of Federal constitutional court of Germany. As have informed in court office, the complaint of deputies of the Bundestag - Elenas Hoffmans from ruling Sotsial - democratic party and Verner Schultz from party the Union 90 ( green ) - Has been rejected by six voices of judges against two.

Elena Hoffman and Verner Schultz have opposed dissolution of parliament and appointment of the early election initiated by the country leaders, having considered such actions illegal. However as a result they and have not managed to find support from the higher judicial body of the country. statements of president Kolera and chancellor Schroder concerning dissolution of the Bundestag do not break the country constitution - the chairman in the second appellate court judge Vinfrid Hassemer has declared. It is remarkable that earlier similarly the constitutional court has rejected claims against carrying out of the early election, submitted in small lots, unaccorded in the Bundestag.

the question on early election has arisen after the elections lost by party in power in landtag the largest federal land Northern Rhine - Westphalia. After that shocking defeat chancellor Schroder also has decided to try to play on an advancing, having put in parliament the matter of confidence to the government. Thus, as its opponents believe, Gerhard Schroder has specially organised a vote of no confidence to own government. So intricate combination was required to mister Schroder to achieve from the president of dissolution of parliament and the announcement of early election as under the law the government cannot initiate their carrying out itself. In three weeks after on July, 1st the Bundestag has taken out to Gerhard Schroder, as to the head of the government of Germany, a vote of no confidence, president Keller declared dissolution of the Bundestag and has appointed new parliamentary elections.

despite almost unanimous verdict of the constitutional court, observers in Germany notice that the given decision was gave to it rather uneasy. They specify that the official announcement of the decision of superior court of Germany was preceded by the closed debate lasting many days as it is primary not all judges were unanimous. the court had to make a choice between a cholera and a plague. The plague is state crisis which could be caused court attempts to stop a flywheel of the pre-election car which already works on complete revolutions. And the cholera is an attempt to prevent the state crisis in the country by application of violence concerning its constitution - has declared yesterday vitse - chairman KS Germany to Vinfrid Hassemer.

Meanwhile yesterday`s reaction to the decision of the constitutional court from leading German politicians from different political camps testifies that the court has accepted truly solomonovo the decision, which has arranged both the present party in power, and the opposition applying for soon to take its place. The decision of the constitutional court has opened a way to changes necessary for the country - the leader of oppositional Hristiansko - the social union (HSS) has declared Edmund Shtojber. According to the chairman of the Bundestag Wolfgang Tirze, the higher judicial body has confirmed that the majority in the Bundestag and the federal chancellor operated within the limits of the constitution . And the president of the country Horst Keler has expressed opinion that now voters had an opportunity to define the future of the country .

reaction of the main initiator of early election of Gerhard Schroder Is remarkable also. Despite the unfavourable forecasts of public opinion which are not promising correcting sotsial - to democrats of anything good, mister Schroder does not lose optimism. Yesterday he has specified that the decision the constitutional judges have confirmed fidelity of my direction of reforms and a position of the federal president .