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The contention centre

Yesterday in administration of Sverdlovsk area governor Edward Rossel, the minister of building Alexander Karlov and the head of the company “ the Leader “ Nikolay Kretov have made decision to build the international exhibition centre in Ekaterinburg on new koltsovskoj to road. At the same time in administration of Ekaterinburg assert that this object will be constructed in area to street Machine as it is provided in the general plan of building of a city. Participants of the exhibition market do not exclude that, without having found the compromise on the ground area, in Ekaterinburg can construct two exhibition centres - from area and from a city. However, as director OGUP " considers; Inekspo “ Alexander Ryzhkov, two complexes everyone will not be claimed by a total area of 100 thousand square metres. The administration of Ekaterinburg has publicly declared for the first time plans on building of the international exhibition centre first in Ural Mountains two years ago. By mayoralty plans, this object should correspond to all world standards and to become one of the largest not only in Russia, but also in Europe. On a plan of officials, centre building would allow to solve a problem of deficiency of exhibition areas in region and to involve investments. Mayor Arcady Chernetsky has signed the decision about realisation of the global project under which in the general layout of building of Ekaterinburg the ground area around street Machine, near to TSPKiO (the central recreation park has been allocated).

According to the project the complex total area will make an order of 100 thousand sq. metres. Its structure will include the open and closed exhibition halls, the modern congress - the centre (today in Russia and the CIS countries there are no the complexes which are meeting the requirements of carrying out of the congresses), and also an infrastructure corresponding to world level - a press - the centres, office premises, cultural - entertaining institutions, public catering establishments, hotels. The object first stage will make an order of 30 thousand square metres, and volume of investments from private investors - $50 million

According to in the mayoralty while the circle of investors and builders is not defined, it is supposed that them will be a little. The desire to participate in the project already have declared “ the Leader “ (Ekaterinburg), Sineko (Czechia), BVV (Germany), etc.

Yesterday the governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel has held a working meeting with the regional minister of building and housing and communal services Alexander Karlov and the head of the company “ the Leader “ Nikolay Kretovym. They have discussed building questions in Ekaterinburg the modern international exhibition centre. Mister Kretov has suggested to transfer a place of a construction of object from a site around street Machine on new koltsovskuju road. As he said, the exhibition centre near to TSPKiO “ it is clamped from different directions and cannot develop. And on new koltsovskoj to road the object will be near to the airport, the railway and a road outcome that gives the chance to continue building of new exhibition areas “. It is planned that in the long term the total area of the exhibition centre will reach 400 thousand square metres. As „“ the minister of building Karlov, this year yesterday has told, considering a serious problem of deficiency of exhibition areas in region, the regional authorities were engaged in studying of this project. Officials considered two projects - on new koltsovskoj to road and around street Machine. “ At a meeting the decision on an object construction on new koltsovskoj to road though under it by the mayoralty of Ekaterinburg other platform for a long time has been reserved was accepted. Company “Leader“ will be the basic builder and the investor, the design documentation of a complex now prepares. Roughly object building will begin in March, 2006, and will come to the end in 2007 “ - minister Karlov has told. He also has underlined that the offer of businessman Kretova expediently - the ground area around street Machine possesses the insufficient area and will not allow to develop a project infrastructure.

in the mayoralty with surprise have concerned results of a meeting in “ White “ the house. “ probably, Kretov was going to build any other exhibition centre on koltsevskoj to road, and in a construction of ours - around street Machine - will not take part. Our complex will appear there where it is planned initially. It is supposed that its building will begin next year “ - has told „“ a press - the secretary of administration of Ekaterinburg Konstantin Pudov. As he said, the mayoralty works for a long time already over this project, all outline sketches, and the reserved site around street are almost finished Machine two years give to nobody for use.

the correspondent „“ did not manage to receive comments from the head of the company “ the Leader “ Nikolay Kretova, it was not accessible.

meanwhile, participants of the exhibition market do not exclude that, without having found the compromise on the ground area, in Ekaterinburg can construct two exhibition centres - from area and from a city. However the director Ekaterinburg OGUP “ Inekspo “ Alexander Ryzhkov considers: “ Two international complexes for Ekaterinburg search. If objects nevertheless appear, most likely, one of them will reorientate in trading - the entertaining centre “.

„“ will watch succession of events.