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The monument to victims of act of terrorism in Beslan

in Beslan was ready Yesterday installation of a nine-metre sculpture " is almost finished; a grief Tree - a monument to victims of an act of terrorism 1 - on September, 3rd, 2004 at Beslan school #1. The composition from bronze symbolises a tree which basis are figures of four grieving mothers, and a crone - figures of children - the angels departing to the sky. The project of sculptors of Alan Kornaeva and Zaura Dzanagova has been almost unanimously approved at February meeting of committee-men on a Beslan memorial and townsmen as, in opinion beslantsev, it is better than others reflected a pain and bitterness of tragedy . In total 20 works have taken part in competition, including Zurab Tsereteli`s sculpture the Way to the sky .
For manufacturing and monument installation it has been spent about 16 million rbl. which were allocated with sponsors. Works on its installation are not finished yet, but the governmental commission under the direction of the head of republic Tajmuraza Mamsurova and the chairman of the government Alexander Merkulov has laid down a condition that the sculpture was completely ready by September, 1st. Memorial opening will take place on September, 3rd, in an anniversary of storm of school in Beslan.

, Vladikavkaz