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Thermal relapse

the Federal Agency of tariffs (FST) has established a marginal level of growth of tariffs on electric and thermal energy for 2006 for regions of Russia. In the Volgograd region the tariff corridor of growth on the electric power has made 0-9 %, on thermal energy of 6-17,5 %. As have informed yesterday in Regional service under tariffs of the Volgograd region, the power supplying organisations already have submitted demands with the vision of level of growth of tariffs of the next year, considerably exceeding federal figures. According to the chairman of committee of housing and communal services of administration of the Volgograd region Yury Kotljarova, these inquiries are justified by nothing . Open Society the Volgograd municipal systems (VgKS) - 100 % - naja a daughter the Russian municipal systems - it is founded in July, 2003. On February, 25th, 2004 the administration of Volgograd and VgKS have signed short-term (for 11 months) the contract on transfer of the company of a property complex of the enterprises Volgogradteploenergo Volgogradvodokanal and the Volgograd interdistrict electric networks in rent till January, 25th, 2005. In January the short-term contract has been prolonged by the decision of administration of Volgograd till the end of 2005. As have informed in RST to the Volgograd region, tariffs on electric and thermal energy in region can be established only on the basis of a package of federal factors, first of all, marginal levels of tariffs for electric power transportation, the decision on which FST signs not earlier than October of current year. Cost of the electric power for end users, will develop of three tariffs: On generation (establishes FST), the network tariff (calculation spends RST within the limits of the marginal levels confirmed FST) and the marketing extra charge (regional calculations).
Yesterday have been published is minimum and as much as possible admissible indicators of growth of tariffs for the electric power and warmly, designated FST for the Volgograd region the next year. According to this document, the maximum growth of the average tariff for the electric power will make 9 %, and on thermal energy - a maximum of 17,5 %. Proceeding from the established percentage corridor, the minimum tariff for electric energy, on the average, across the Volgograd region will make 1,9 roubles/ kw - ch, maximum - 1,114 roubles/ kw - ch. For the population tariff a corridor passes between 1,27 roubles/ kw - ch and 1,38 roubles/ kw - ch.
Meanwhile as has informed a press - the secretary of Regional service under tariffs Tatyana Kanaeva, in RST demands from the power supplying organisations with offers on change of tariffs for thermal energy the next year have already arrived. And these offers in a root disperse from the maximum lath of growth established FST. So, Open Society the Volgograd municipal systems has addressed with the demand for increase in the tariff for 48 % (608,2 roubles/ Gkal). As a matter of fact produblirovav a last year`s conflict situation when VgKS has addressed in RST with the demand on cost increase teploenergii, considerably exceeding as much as possible admissible level.
a press - secretary VgKs Yana Markin have refused to make comments on a situation, having referred that in the Volgograd municipal systems there is a working process, during which about final tariffs to speak prematurely not to create social intensity . However, thus having noticed that level of growth of the tariffs, offered kommunalshchikami it is economically proved .
However, according to the chairman of committee of housing and communal services of administration of the Volgograd region Yury Kotljarova, the figures presented kommunalshchikami are justified by nothing and it is considerable above, than in demands of other power supplying companies. at VgKS the economic mechanism is incorrectly included: there are no new technologies of power savings, works on struggle against power losses are not conducted, works are spent without competition - mister Kotljarov has declared.