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To the old scout will spread wings

Yesterday the general director Taganrog aviation scientifically - a technical complex of a name of Berieva (TANTK) Victor Kobzev has informed „“ that the day before experts of the company have conducted tests of first modernised plane DRLO (distant radar-tracking detection) And - 50. Under the statement of mister Kobzeva, actually it is a question of creation on its base of a new radio engineering complex. The reason of modernisation he named that fact that And - 50 is maintained by the domestic Air Forces already more than 30 years and needs re-equipment according to modern requirements. the scout plane And - 50 - a designation in the NATO: Mainstay. It is created in 1978 on base military - transport Silt - 76ΜΔ on TANTK together with NPO “ Vega - M “ and instrument making scientific research institute. The basic weapon And - 50 - a powerful radio engineering complex “ the Bumblebee “. The radar station working in a centimetric range, is capable to find out the class purpose “ a fighter “ flying at small height against the earth, at range of 200-400 km, at the big height - 300-600 km. The sea purposes are found out on removal to 400 km. Quantity of simultaneously accompanied purposes - 50-60 (on an improved version - to 150 purposes), number of simultaneously directed fighters - 10-12. For revealing of start tactical and operatively - tactical ballistic missiles, and also rockets of sea basing on the modernised plane the infra-red system of detection of a torch of the engine of the rocket, capable oανΰπσζθςό the rocket at height of 10 000 m and removal to 1000 km can be established. As mister Kobzev, working out of the new plane - platforms under a powerful radar instead of become outdated RLS " has informed „“; the Liana “ has begun in the end of 60 - h years. Thus as a platform were considered passenger They be 154, the sea patrolman They be 142 and modernised They be 126 and They be 156. Finally, the choice has fallen on military - transport Silt - 76ΜΔ. Project working out has been charged Taganrog TANTK.

Officially on arms of the domestic Air Forces And - 50 following the results of tests has been accepted in 1989. Everything, under its data, for these years 20 cars have been constructed. Almost all of them are a part of aviation base of fighting application of planes RLDN, based on airdrome of Ivanovo.

according to Victor Kobzeva in spite of the fact that the plane And - 50 on level of allocation of the purposes against a terrestrial surface, and also (through companions) surpasses in range of the transferred information the American plane E - 3 AWACS, was at the moment ripened by necessity for its radical modernisation and “ in essence creation of a new radio engineering complex “ for the Russian Air Forces.

As he said, the financing total amount for the present is not defined. However it is known that expenses on project working out will be incurred by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

itself TANTK will carry out repair, modernisation, to provide an aftersales service, etc. According to some information, modernisation need from 16 to 19 Russian planes of type And - 50 and 3 And - 50Μ.

According to some information, according to the contract signed in October, 2003, three planes And - 50 will be put to India. By export cars it is planned to establish electronic complexes of the Israeli manufacture. From the Russian side in realisation of the given contract take part TANTK, the Aviation complex of a name of Ilyushin and NPO “ Vega “.


Be - 103 is certificated in Brazil Department of certification of civil aviation technics of the Space technical centre of the Ministry of Defence of Brazil (CTA - IFI) has finished process of certification of easy multi-purpose amphibian Be - 103. Be - 103 has received the Brazilian certificate of type EA - 2005T15 that allows to begin its sales in this market. Negotiations about deliveries of amphibians were spent to Brazil in parallel with reception of the Brazilian certificate of the flight validity. After its reception the Brazilian company - the customer is going to buy first Be - 103. In total it is a question of sale possibility in this country of several tens Russian amphibians. Brazil became the second foreign state which has certificated the plane. In 2003 it is certificated on norms of Federal aviation administration of the USA, in the USA 3 such cars are put. Now certification of Be - 103 in China and Canada is conducted.
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