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Officials have estimated on birth rate level

Yesterday the governor of the Saratov region Pavel Ipatov has confirmed estimations for a half-year to the government of area and heads of municipal unions on introduced by it in May of this year to system. The governor summarised that as a whole the government and heads with work consult. That who has not executed control indicators, it is given three months on correction of errors. Mister Ipatov has advised to learn to heads of municipal unions economy. That who will not learn, resignation threatens. A technique of an assessment of works of subordinates - one of the innovations introduced by governor Pavel Ipatovym. Regional minekonomrazvitija has developed for each official criteria on which efficiency of its work will be estimated. For example, vitse - governor Victor Budylev will be considered as the productive official in the event that the federal law on the general principles of the organisation of local government will be realised in area on 100 %, and the index of quality of life will increase from 108 % to 110 %. Responsible for economy and. An island of the first vice-president of the regional government Andrey Novitsky will receive the annual five for 150 - percentage growth of investments. The minister of culture Michael Bryzgalov will be the successful head if will manage to lift attendance of theatres. At reception of the higher point the official is awarded by the award at a rate of a monthly salary (about 20-25 thousand rbl.) . the Four 80 % of a salary will be remunerated. About destiny troechnikov and dvoechnikov in a technique it is told nothing. Activity of mister Ipatova is not subject to an estimation.
this system has been confirmed by the government in May. And yesterday Pavel Ipatov at session of the government of area has summed up work of officials for the first half of the year. The minister ekonomrazvitija Alexander Jakovlev has reported that with tasks in view all vice-presidents of the government and ministers of the social block consult. And in rozdannoj to the table of indicators on mister Novitsky growth of investments of 143 % by last year, for example, is written down. To a total higher estimation to it remained 7 - percentage growth till the end of the year. And mister Bryzgalov to autumn premieres has managed to entice in theatres 102 persons on each one thousand population of area.
as it was found out, to target reference points do not hold out only the Ministry of Agriculture and transport. Minister of Agriculture Marat Faizov has explained the poor progress a conjuncture of the prices in the grain market and a rise in prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. But has promised to correct a situation when the crop will be reaped. And here Natalia Pilipenko has asked the deputy minister of transport to specify for its department a control indicator. She has explained the request falling of volumes of transportations through Rtishchevsky branch Jugo - East railway. The governor was unshakable.
what means - to specify? To reduce, whether that? - he has become angry. probably, and to reduce - madam Pilipenko has agreed.
But mister Ipatov has refused to correct indicators. Moreover, he has declared that the minister of transport being in holiday and a road economy Valentine Kuznetsov, in its opinion, is engaged in self-scrutiny instead of execution of functions, and such worker is not necessary to it .
Heads of municipal unions of area were estimated by four criteria: budget execution, salary growth, factor of birth rate and an integrated indicator of development of real sector. Heads with the exposed estimations tried not to argue. Censures in them were caused only by point on birth rate increase. Head taking last place on this indicator of Balashovsky area Pavel Petrakov not without insult has noticed that there, where early for work rise, birth rate always low . Has indirectly confirmed dependence of early lifting for work with level of birth rate and Pavel Ipatov who has paid attention that absolutely worst by economic criteria the Krasnokutsky area thanks to high birth rate occupies in the general rating comfortable 23 - e a place from 39. Therefore, probably, following the results of 2005 at an estimation of heads indicators on birth rate in calculation will not be accepted.
As a result the governor ordered to learn to heads of areas economy because on places to it are necessary not tsarki and not servants - to the tsar, fathers - to soldiers and managers. who is not guided in economy, that not head - the governor has drawn sad prospect to regional chiefs.
and all present at session has reminded that behind each lack is the concrete person responsible for it in relation to whom following the results of a year austerity measures can be applied.