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Rosneft has put itself on - large

From published yesterday NK Rosneft the annual report containing the information on a number of large transactions, it is possible to draw a conclusion that Rosneft most likely, took active part in Open Company financing Baikal Finans of Groups (BFG) on the eve of auction on to Yuganskneftegaz (SHIP`S BOYS) on December, 19th, 2004. Rosneft has, seemingly, helped BFG to pay pledge in 49,35 mlrd rbl. for participation in the auctions. Thus, BFG was the false company though after auction president Vladimir Putin and has declared that SHIP`S BOYS has got to the firm founded by physical persons expert in power which in cooperation with other power companies will operate this active.
in two days after sale of SHIP`S BOYS the president of Russia has declared that it knows, who has founded BFG. Shareholders of this company are exclusively the physical persons, which many years are engaged in business in power sphere, - he has noted on December, 21st. - they how much I am informed, intend to build relations with other power companies of Russia which have interest to this active. As to possibility of the state company to get these actives, of course, they the same as also other participants of the market, have on this right .

it is possible, the president has been incorrectly informed, but the data of the report published yesterday Rosneft for 2004 which has been confirmed by its unique shareholder still on June, 24th, allow to assume that for BFG there was a state company.

as they say in the report, Rosneft has acted as the guarantor under the credits of the Savings Bank given by certain Open Company Malena Florensan and the Camellia for a total sum 34 mlrd rbl. The guarantee consisted in release Rosneft bills. Besides, itself Rosneft has obtained from the same Savings Bank the credit on 16 mlrd rbl. Credits Rosneft and three Open Companies have been received for the term up to one year.

representatives Rosneft yesterday have refused flatly to discuss mutual relations of the company with three Open Companies, and also to tell, when credit contracts with the Savings Bank have been concluded. Most likely, all 50 mlrd rbl. have been occupied from bank to pay participation BFG in auction on SHIP`S BOYS - its conditions demanded entering of pledge in 49,35 mlrd rbl. Thus, BFG participated in auction in interests Rosneft .

Rosneft declared purchase BFG on December, 22nd, in three days after Open Company has won auction on SHIP`S BOYS, having offered for it 260,753 mlrd rbl. ($9,35 mlrd) at the starting price in 246,75 mlrd rbl. On December, 31st BFG has completely paid purchase of SHIP`S BOYS. All means BFG has given Rosneft in the form of interest-free loans. Itself Rosneft judging by the report, the most part of means has received from the affiliated structures - Purneftegaz Sahalinmorneftegaza Stavropolneftegaza Krasnodarneftegaza and Northern oil . In total affiliated structures Rosneft have borrowed to the parent company $6,7 billion $5,3 mlrd from this money have been received by affiliated divisions of a state company from sale of bills to a certain Open Company the Trade - the express train .

the Information on in what interests this Open Company operated and whence it took $5,3 mlrd, till now hide as in Rosneft and in the government of Russia. Participants of the bank market, however, are assured that the buyer of bills of affiliated structures Rosneft The state Foreign trade and investment bank, itself received these means from stabilisation fund acted. It is remarkable that transactions with the parent company have not been approved by meetings of shareholders of affiliated structures Rosneft whereas these loans are already returned thanking $6 mlrd, received Rosneft from the Chinese companies in the form of an advance payment for oil deliveries.

we will notice that all actions Rosneft and its affiliated companies - as on Open Company granting Malena Florensan and the Camellia guarantees, and on sale of bills the Trade - to the express train - were lawful. To branches Rosneft the penalty can threaten from Federal Agency of the financial markets for carrying out of the large transactions not approved by shareholders. However as money has been returned in full, to state company divisions only minimum sanctions can be applied.