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Michael Khodorkovsky will not be violently full

Yesterday week term of stay of Platon Lebedev in a punishment cell has ended. It became known that have translated it in the usual chamber in the evening. In this connection the hunger-strike should finish and Michael Khodorkovsky who was surveyed yesterday by prison doctors.
we will remind, last Thursday, on August, 18th, Platon Lebedev for a week have placed in a punishment cell ostensibly for the refusal stated in the rough form to leave on walk. Yesterday term of its stay in a punishment cell has ended, however till the evening it was not known, have translated it therefrom or not. As lawyer Evgenie Baru, all the day long mister Lebedev together with defenders has told worked with documents and where it after that have withdrawn, lawyers did not see also anybody it about it has not informed.

the mister to the Bar has thus told, than the punishment cell is terrible. This close, full of insects, cool enough premise in 3 sq. M with the rounded off ceiling where high, according to the lawyer, Platon Lebedev cannot be extended to the utmost - even lying on a cot. Thus in the afternoon the cot, unlike the general chambers, is fastened to a wall, and the prisoner in general has no place to be stuck. As a result, the mister to the Bar has told, its client had to sit on 14 volumes of judicial reports which to it have brought for acquaintance. Any special mockeries, according to the lawyer, from the pre-trial detention centre personnel, of course, was not, but without a dinner mister Lebedev remained regularly. The matter is that at this particular time it worked every day with the lawyers. Prisoners who carried a dinner, saw that in a punishment cell anybody is not present, and carried away a portion back. And any additional food in a punishment cell it is not allowed, there even it is impossible to smoke that especially afflicted the condemned Lebedev. According to Evgenie Baru, in a punishment cell and without that the weak health of its client became even worse: You present that the muzhik the right hand holds the jumping liver " literally;.

It is formal pre-trial detention centre administration can hold it there to twelve o`clock in the morning of Thursday, - Evgenie Baru explained yesterday. - anyway we will receive the information only on Friday .

But news has come earlier: at half past seven p.m. the head of Federal Agency of execution of punishments (FSIN) Yury Kalinin has informed that Platon Lebedev from a punishment cell have let out. Head FSIN has learnt about it shortly before the statement, as even could tell only in the afternoon what to define transfer time - business of administration of a pre-trial detention centre . In a pre-trial detention centre to make comments on something refused.

in the meantime Michael Khodorkovsky through the lawyers has declared yesterday that will continue hunger-strike until learns that Platon Lebedev is translated in the chamber. when I it (Michael Khodorkovsky. - ) saw last time, - lawyer Henry Padva has informed yesterday to journalists, - he muffledly spoke, it conducted, there was some block . However, doctors of a pre-trial detention centre did not see in it anything terrible. As they said, at condemned the usual condition, characteristic for dry hunger-strike " is fixed;. And as, in their opinion, no threat for life existed, and to resort to Michael Khodorkovsky`s compulsory feeding gathered nobody.

and now, possibly, already anybody also will not gather: hunger-strike in support of Platon Lebedev should end with its exit from a punishment cell. But it or not and with what exactly has ended has ended, last night it was not known. As lawyer Anton Drel, " has explained; no communication with Michael Khodorkovsky at us is present, therefore all we learn only tomorrow .