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Poles do not trust in hooligans

Yesterday the ambassador of Poland in the Russian Federation Stefana Meller have accepted in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. To the diplomat have expressed a deep regret in connection with a hooligan attack on August, 10th on the second secretary of embassy of Poland Mareka Reshuta . Moscow has assured Warsaw that the Russian law enforcement bodies will do the utmost for search and punishment of the guilty. Meanwhile the Polish party is assured that behind attacks on the Polish diplomats there are not usual hooligans, and well organised group operating on political grounds.
Stefana Meller in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Kisljak accepted the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation. The Russian official has expressed on behalf of a management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a deep regret in connection with a hooligan attack on August, 10th . Besides, mister Kisljak has assured the interlocutor that Incident with the Polish diplomat is a subject of careful trial from the Russian law enforcement bodies which use the best efforts for search guilty . additional steps on safety of embassy of Poland in Moscow and its employees " Are undertaken; - he has declared. Besides other the Russian diplomat has expressed hope that incident will not be used for intensity forcing in Russian - the Polish relations .

Meanwhile these hopes of Moscow quite can and not justify. we any more do not consider that all event is connected with actions of hooligans. The situation repeats, attacking operate under the same scheme - the employee of the Polish diplomatic representative office has declared yesterday to news agencies. As he said, the embassy protection service managed to collect data on the attacking. in both cases the same grouping operated. They worked not as hooligans and as professionals and are well connected among themselves. There is a suspicion that it any more hooligans, and are available for all event political preconditions - he has underlined.

about results of investigation by the Russian law enforcement bodies of attacks on employees of the Polish embassy in Moscow yesterday messages were not. It was required to the Polish police ten days to leave on a trace of malefactors which in Warsaw have attacked on July, 31st children of the Russian diplomats. Then unknown hooligans have beaten three Russian teenagers and the young man from Kazakhstan. From victims have taken away all values and mobile phones. This incident has provoked a present coil of an aggravation in Russian - the Polish relations.

yesterday some Polish mass-media have informed that at least on children of employees of the Russian embassy accusations in armed assault are brought with Warsaw to two inhabitants of the Polish capital. First the police did not make comments on this information, referring to interests of the investigation which is conducted nowadays by the Polish law enforcement bodies. However, several days ago it was informed that the Warsaw police has without delay detained devjateryh suspects. However, by words - the secretary of capital police Mariusha Sokolovsky, all of them it was necessary to release a press behind insufficiency of proofs. Yesterday the authorities have informed that the police managed to detain two more skinheads at whom valuable things - in particular have been found belonging to beaten children of the Russian diplomats, mobile phones. This circumstance also has allowed to bring their accusation.