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System integrators have grown at public expense

the Russian market of hi-tech services following the results of 2004 has won first place in the world on rates of increase. As appears from company IDC report, its volume for a year has increased more than by 26 %, to $1,9 billion By estimations IDC, the basic contribution to market growth was brought by system integration - 30 % of gain IT - the companies have been received for the account of building of corporate networks and communication systems. The market of system integration grows now basically at the expense of scale orders of state structures and state companies.
to number of participants of the market of hi-tech services IDC carries system integrators, the companies which are engaged autsorsingovym in programming, rendering consulting services, technical support to users of computers and a software, the structures which are engaged in training IT - the personnel. By estimations IDC, in 2004 all these companies in the Russian market have earned $1,9 mlrd that on 26,3 % more than in the past. Thus, Russia has come out on top in the world on rates of increase of sales of hi-tech services. For comparison: in such countries as Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, in 2004 rates of increase of market IT - services have not exceeded 5 - 6 %, in the Eastern Europe - 10 - 12 %. Under forecasts of analyst IDC of Michael Ivanov, till 2009 average rates of increase of Russian market IT - services will make hardly more than 25 % a year.

by estimations of analysts, most of all last year in market IT - services have earned system integrators. On their share 30 % of all receipt of hi-tech products and services were necessary. The great demand on services of builders of corporate communication networks, according to experts, is promoted by two circumstances. The first is a mass introduction by the large companies of systems of automation of planning of manufacture (ERP - systems). By estimations IDC, the software of this kind became a hit of sales in the Russian market last year, incomes of its deliveries in 2004 have grown on 53 % - to $195 million For introduction ERP it is necessary for companies to modernise seriously, and even to change completely the equipment - computers, servers, telecommunication systems, and without system integrators it is almost impossible to make it.

the Second and main reason of expansion of business of system integrators - growth of number of orders from state structures and cost of these projects. now the state is the largest customer of the infrastructural projects connected with building of networks, - Michael Ivanov marks. - unlike commercial customers, state structures frequently not so are excited with the size of expenses for such projects and return from them, it is important to them to receive the maximum functionality .

Participants of the market remember that in the last two days the state became the largest customer of building of information and telecommunication networks. The sizes of state orders are now measured hundreds millions and even billions dollars. For example, information system which is created now for Federal exchequer by the company RTKomm. ru the Ministry of Finance will manage to the budget in $140 million In an early autumn of last year declared the tender for delivery ERP - systems on $128 million It is all third of contract, its big part will get to system integrators which will introduce ERP - system and to deliver the equipment for its work. And, for example, the program budget on introduction in Russia biometric passports accepted in the spring of this year, at a rough guess, will make $500 million - $1 billion

Participants of the market agree with conclusions of analysts IDC. Now the state is a source more than half of incomes in the market of the system integration, two - three years ago such was not. Most likely, the state share will grow further, - the commercial director of company NVision Group Sergey Kuptsov marks. - the state target programs, such as ` Electronic Russia ` or introduction of biometric passports, develop the market. But the state - not only a source of incomes for system integrators, but also very uneasy client. Risks at realisation of state projects are great. For example, the project which the company can develop about seven months, can not pass the state competition, and money for the done work nobody will return to you .