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Preljubopytnejshy the document has published publishing house ultra. Culture - the Dictionary of a tactical reality Konrada Bekker. It, judging by the summary and the preface, any important person from a network, also is interesting it first of all to that draws to us a picture of thinking of the left western intellectual of an epoch of the Internet. The dictionary - it also is the dictionary, a certain isolated thesaurus - " is offered to us; a hyperpolicy the bewitched data suggestion codes - only 72 entries. But together they form coherent enough picture of attitude, and it consists approximately in the following.
according to mister Bekker, the modern state is capable to make violence over citizens without direct physical influence, but by means of management of thoughts, desires and the purposes. As means of such management acts media first of all the Internet. Sitting constantly in a network to www address. world - information. org, mister Bekker constantly feels, how it try to manipulate by various PR - strategy, filtering a stream pritekajushchih to it of the data and representing the network world under a point of view favourable to someone. Besides, he constantly is afraid that someone traces its trajectory navigatsy on sites and collects about it weight of the information with the most black intentions.

this someone, certainly, the state, though not quite clearly what. This question not too interests the author as specificity of network behaviour allows to design any opponent quite any way. In its opinion, as agents of the state transnational corporations, and their agents act, in turn, PR - agencies, kakovye as it finds out, actually are not than other, as branches of reconnaissance services. Well and further, naturally, manipulations with consciousness begin.

However, mister Bekker is not limited to it, suspecting much more terrible things. It mnogogolovyj the enemy - the state operating through corporations which operate through PR - agencies which the reconnaissance service essence, - basically appears absolutely unarmed before any directly - taki children`s reception: it will be neutralised by computer deenergizing. But Bekker believes that beings from the computer are capable to get out in the certain magic image of the screen, to concentrate in the demonic forces operating by means of a certain radiation. a suppression kingdom, - it is readable in the book, - which we identify now as ` media `, at the time of the Renaissance has been named ` by magic `. As this kingdom is integrated into a cyberspace, its technicians become more and more occult . A certain radiation with might and main generates paterny, capable directly to operate another`s consciousness. At first it is checked on separate groups of the population - the program, according to Bekker, with might and main moves ahead through sectarians: creation Manchurian puppets - murderers with the cleaned memory was the Purpose of project Artichoke. After dissolution of the project of CIA has translated the program from public institutions in sectarian groups . After processing of sectarians the radiator put on the North Pole, starts to process already all the others.

many were perplexed that the left intellectuals will do after them will cease to oppress and the state, actually, will disappear from their life. The answer has appeared is extremely simple - the state will be where - nibud in other place or even will be artificial is designed from a network. Also mechanisms of oppression which will accept character directly - taki the most thin, at level of an imperceptible manipulation with cliques of your mouse in navigation system will be opened again, and behind them to rely and at all esoteric state experts on distribution on air of subordination radiation. And with these fluids they enter again a decisive battle.

it is not absolutely clear, whether the difference of domestic intellectuals and European is defined by distinction of the left and right political orientation or distinction of machineries of government. Publishing house Europe has published the book the Kirghiz revolution also it is the document not less amazing.

publishing house Europe - the centre close to presidential administration, so before us a picture of thinking of local intellectuals. Basically the Kirghiz revolution Is the hastily made collection including chronicle of events, attestations of eyewitnesses and articles from the press, first of all from the Businessman . However how it is comprehended, makes the big impression. In the preface Elena Afanaseva asks a question: Why president Akaev has lost the power? the answer appears as - that is indecently simple: Revolution in Kirghizia was a success only because mister Akaev has instructed in power actions not to enter and the weapon not to accept. Kaby mister Akaev has arrived as the man, took the automatic machine and at crowd approach to the government House has personally given pair of turns? Well or how many it is required? And nobody names the tyrant of the president, which itself goes into battle .

the Author consistently considers the Georgian and Ukrainian revolution and that is interesting, comes to the same conclusions - it was necessary to shoot crowd from the automatic machine and then all would be successful and correct. This execution, in its opinion, the main moral duty of the head of the state because as a result of colour bloodless revolutions the population and history suffers. Its analysis of events comes to an end with an appeal to the Russian president: Only schitannye heads of Russia perceived the power as the history tool, without jumping aside from blood. So great epoch turned out. A Petrovsky window to Europe, ` the Century of golden Ekaterina `, not interrupted in the beginning because pugachevtsy was on all cities and vesjam are carried and there, for edification of other population, for descriptive reasons publicly chetvertovany .

From this text so unequivocally follows that we are threatened with revolution and a power problem now - to concentrate and not to be afraid of blood that madam Afanaseva any cine vampirkoj which, caressing the leader of the group looks, all time impatiently asks: Well when we will cut? and it is not clear, how it to concern. Whether as to occult fluids which extend from virtual radiators of mister Bekker, whether seriously. Understand, at these mystical fluids such property that you like understand - frank bosh, and all the same attracts and takes away, and all validity start to perceive under this sauce. Here many are surprised, why it is our president all time tests new types of weapon, on a fighter on a strategic bomber flies? And I here have read madam Afanasevu and have thought, can, he trains? What, eventually, it with the automatic machine will go, how Akaev? We not Kirghizia, at us the XXI-st century, absolutely other kinds of arms are.