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The Georgian legionaries have exposed from Alanii

In Vladikavkaz Alanii there were serious personnel changes: on a transfer all Georgian legionaries, except for George Demetradze are exposed. Disgraced players do not find to this decision of an explanation and stay in a state of shock.
at meeting FK which has taken place on Thursday Alanija unsuccessful performance of a command was discussed (in last five rounds it has not gained any victory), especially in the light of devastating defeat from Spartaka with the account 1:5. The statement of the president of club Sergey Takoeva that on a transfer the Georgian legionaries George Shashiashvili, by Dato Kvirkvelija, Dzhaba Kankava, Levan Gvazava, Vladimir Burduli and Vitaly Daraselija, and also Tadjik Rahmatullo Fuzajlov are exposed became a meeting result. And if with the last which for a long time were not getting to structure, all is clear, Georgians in Alanii were in the public eye. This decision is surprising doubly if to consider that it it was offered to to look for new commands last day dozajavochnoj campaigns.

such offer to us has been made nine hours prior to the term termination dozajavok. Certainly, this time was insufficiently even hastily to get over in any other Russian club, - the player of modular Georgia Vladimir Burduli has declared. - it is surprising that punishment for unsuccessful performance ` Alanii ` was incurred by the Georgian players though I, for example, am assured that nobody can reproach me with bad game. Now in a double we will prove the game that the decision of the trainer was erroneous, and we will try to return to themselves trust .

it is not excluded that someone from the Georgian legionaries and will be returned in a basis. The most preferable Vitaly Daraselii`s chances which in the first circle was the leader " look; Alanii . However the majority of fans is red - yellow are assured of correctness of the made decision. Among fans there is an opinion that many players frankly sabotage matches already throughout four rounds. The same opinion is expressed in the local edition Ossetia. A free sight . Without naming names, the newspaper informs that some players were strongly jarred on by the sum of the personal contract of George Demetradze overestimated, in their opinion, and frankly weak game they have decided to show to a club management, on what Demetradze without their help is capable.

mister Takoev the reason of personnel revolution named weak results and aspiration to normalise a psychological climate in a command.

, Vladikavkaz