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RTS had a new point

the First week of autumn in stock market traders have finished on the major note. Yesterday RTS index has for the first time in history overcome a mark in 900 points. The volume of the auctions also became record for last seven and a half years - more than $101 million at RTS stock exchange.
following the results of the yesterday`s auctions RTS index has added 1,71 more % and has stopped at level 909,88 points. The new historical maximum fixed during the auctions, differed from a final mark slightly - 909,9 points. The round figure in 900 points has been passed promptly: the volume of the auctions in section of the classical market of RTS has exceeded $101 million So intensively traders did not trade in securities many years - since May, 1998.

the leader of yesterday, as, however, and all the week long, among the most liquid papers of a steel of the action of the Russian Open Society UES of Russia . On Friday of their quotation have risen on 4,65 %, and the volume of the auctions has exceeded $42 million For a week Russian Open Society capitalisation has grown on 13 %. Actions of the oil companies thus in the lead until recently have shown growth on 3 - 8 %. Following the results of this week obvious change of interest was designated. Besides the Russian Open Society UES of Russia in favourites there were also other actions of the power companies, such as Mosenergo of some HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION and a state district power station. Quotations of securities of Bashkir enterprises TeKa and branches " simultaneously grew; Rosneft .

About details of lifting proceeding in the market and reaction of its participants read in the following number.