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The Ingush insurgent has got under an anniversary

Yesterday zamgenprokurora the Russian Federation Nikolay Shepel declared that in the Ingush city of Karabulake one of helpers of Beslan terrorists, the emir dzhamaata " has been destroyed; Halifat 28 - summer Alihan Merzhoev. Its participation in loud act of terrorism has been established almost a year ago. In UFSB Ingushetia assert that liquidation of the terrorist has not been dated for an anniversary of tragedy. It has casually appeared in sight of special services these days.
about the special action spent in the city of Karabulak, the Ingush agents of national security, and zamgenprokurora have informed not the Russian Federation Nikolay Shepel who has collected for this purpose a press - conference. It did not begin to result a detail of an event, but has reproduced the telephone conversation proving communication of the killed insurgent with Beslan terrorists. As he said, on September, 3rd in 15. 13 one of terrorists by a nickname of Mustafa has called from grasped school Alihanu Merzhoevu and has told: to All greetings transfer. Tell that all is normal. Mojaheds we become. We will meet still, if that. To Abdulla greetings transfer. Incorrect it is much killed. On a lawlessness have much killed and it is with might and main killed .

Persons Mustafy and Abdullas and have not been established. It is known that Abdulla named Vladimir Hodova - one of organizers of an attack to Beslan. But Abdulla - Courses has been destroyed at the same school #1. And it is doubtful that Mustafa participating in capture could to give best regards through Merzhoeva who was in Ingushetia to it.

in OVD Karabulaka have informed that, under their data, Alihan Merzhoev has really been connected with events in Beslan: in its house there lived a part of a gang of terrorists.

- we had an operative information that in the first of September Merzhoev should arrive to the relatives living in Revolutionary street, - have told in OVD. - Behind their house supervision, and yesterday in the morning Merzhoev have established has been found out.

the House in which there was an insurgent, the special troops and armour blocked. Alihanu Merzhoevu through a loudspeaker have suggested to surrender, however that has preferred to give battle. Has shot on special troops a holder of a pistol of Stechkina, and then, having recharged the weapon, has tried to break through a backyard. There the bullet of the sniper also has got to it to a head.

in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia have informed that Alihana Merzhoeva managed to be liquidated from the second attempt. On November, 5th last year it together with the namesake Ruslanom Merzhoevym, the former militiaman Nazranovsky ROVD, has been blocked in the private house in a village Ordzhonikidzevsky. But both insurgents could leave, having wounded thus four militiamen.

the native of a village Sleptsovsky Alihan Merzhoev was well-known and to employees UFSB of Ingushetia. The head of group of public relations UFSB Igor Kovalenko has told that in 1996 - 1997 Merzhoev was at war in the Chechen Republic against federal forces as a part of a so-called Bamut regiment, and then passed combat training in camps Hattaba. There he also has got acquainted with the native of Kuwait Abu - Dzejtom (it is killed by security officers in February) as whom the consequence considers as one of organizers of act of terrorism in Beslan. In June, 2004 Merzhoev ostensibly participated in an attack of insurgents to Ingushetia, and in October, 2004 has headed dzhamaat Halifat after destruction by special troops of FSB of its former leader Magomeda Hashieva. Vahhabitsky dzhamaat entered into a so-called Ingush regiment and submits directly to Shamilju Basayev.