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President FIFA of Zepp Blatter intends to put regulations before congress FIFA which (Morocco), a question on introduction of restrictions on quantity of legionaries in commands will gather on September, 11th in Marakeshe. Mister Blatter will suggest to enter system six plus five on which in the structures declared by clubs on official games, should be no more than five football players - foreigners.
Zepp Blatter has noticed that the present state of affairs when clubs in a mass order buy up players abroad, is unacceptable, as local football players lose possibility to play. look that occurs in leading leagues. Is from tens commands which to a limit are sated by very strong football players. But many of them simply do not play - the place in the basic structure is not it. Finally it affects game of national teams .

President FIFA recognised that its idea will encounter resistance of the European Union. Let`s remind, what exactly all restrictions on quantity of legionaries in commands in its territory on EU insisting in 1995 have been cancelled (it is a question of the football players having citizenship of the EU countries) as they contradicted the labour legislation, namely a principle of free moving of labour on all territory of the European Union.