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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation employees of FBI have handed over the arrest note

On Thursday in New York have detained the head of advisory committee of administrative and budgetary questions of the United Nations 48 - summer Vladimir Kuznetsova. Official charges have been shown it yesterday in Federal court on the Western district of Manhattan. It already the second case of detention of the Russian from among the high-ranking officials of the United Nations less than for a month. We will remind, in the beginning of August the former employee of service of purchases of the United Nations Alexander Jakovlev who actively co-operates with the investigation now has been arrested.
the first information on new detention of the high-ranking employee of the United Nations was rather poor. At first in messages of news agencies even the name of the arrested person - Vadim instead of Vladimir was incorrectly filled out. There was no full clearness and with an essence of the charges shown to mister Kuznetsovu. The anonymous source of Associated Press agency in law enforcement bodies of the USA has informed that these charges include money-laundering and have rather remote relation to the United Nations program Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs which became recently a corruption synonym in the organisation.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia actually kept silence. Its official representative Michael Kamynin has informed only following: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects the additional information, and after reception of corresponding explanations from the American law enforcement bodies, from United Nations secretary, and also a possible meeting of the representative of consulate general of the Russian Federation in New York with Vladimir Kuznetsovym we will possess fuller information about happened and after that to think over our further steps and reaction .

the Russian representation in the United Nations also separated from incident: Mister Kuznetsov is not its employee, and on a post of the head of committee has been selected by General assembly of the United Nations in 2004. Before it was four years one of committee-men, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation where supervised financial, budgetary, administrative and personnel questions has come to committee from a post of the chief of department of department of the international organisations.

according to the sources, to any official reaction from the Russian bodies followed wait only in the event that it would during the investigation be found out that mister Kuznetsov carried out illegal activity, contacting to employees of the Russian mission in the United Nations, consulate general or other Russian establishments. During yesterday the consul general of the Russian Federation in New York Sergey Garmonin tried to receive more detailed information at the American authorities, but about result of these attempts at the moment of number delivery in the press of anything it was known not.

Vladimir Kuznetsov after detention has declared that is the Russian diplomat so, has immunity from suit. But, as have informed in a press - FBI service in New York, the United Nations have deprived of mister Kuznetsova of diplomatic immunity.

in a press - to United Nations service at first have informed that the accusations brought to mister Kuznetsovu do not concern the program Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs and concern activity of committee headed by it which problems include supervision over execution of the budget of the United Nations. However as soon as there were first messages on Vladimir Kuznetsova`s detention, observers have almost unanimously co-ordinated it to the corruption scandal caused by investigation of abusings at realisation of the mentioned program which is conducted by Pola Volkera independent commission. And last night communication between arrest and these abusings have confirmed and in the Russian representation in the United Nations.

we Will remind, the employee of service of purchases of the United Nations Alexander Jakovlev against whom charges in money-laundering, swindle have been brought at a wire transfer of money and a collusion for the purpose of realisation of this swindle on August, 8th has been arrested. Everything, according to conclusions of the commission of Pola Volkera, mister Jakovlev has illegally appropriated thus about $1 million On each of charges to Alexander Jakovlevu imprisonment within 20 years threatens, and now it actively co-operates with the investigation, achieving mitigation of punishment. The consequence even found possible to change a preventive punishment, having released him on bail in $400 thousand

Official charges to Vladimir Kuznetsovu have been shown yesterday in Federal court on the Western district of Manhattan. Court session has begun, when in Moscow there was late night, but there was on hand a text of the bill of particulars prepared by Office of Public Prosecutor.

According to the document, Mister Kuznetsov, since 2000, has translated hundred thousand dollars which have been received by the illegal way the employee of the United Nations working in management of purchases of this organisation . The name of the employee, as well as is necessary under the American legislation, it is not underlined. It is designated as podelnik Vladimir Kuznetsova.

However from sources close to the investigation, it became known that podelnik is the Alexander Jakovlev arrested in the beginning of August. That Vladimir Kuznetsov has been detained as a result of Alexander Jakovleva`s active cooperation with a consequence, two facts about which it is told in charge testify at least.

in - the first, it is years on which Vladimir Kuznetsova`s criminal activity (" is necessary; since 2000 ) . We will remind, Alexander Jakovlev worked in management of purchases with 1985 - go on the middle of 2005. In - the second, it is appearing in the text of the bill of particulars company Moxyco Ltd registered addressed to the wife of mister Jakovleva in Antigua.

under the consequence statement, in the beginning of 2000 Vladimir Kuznetsov has learnt from ` podelnika ` about schemes on money-laundering received as bribes for the information on tenders under contracts within the limits of the program Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs . However instead of informing law enforcement bodies or the United Nations on illegal activity, Smiths has entered arrangement with ` podelnikom ` and has agreed to receive a share from its incomes . As considers a consequence, for this purpose in 2000 of Smiths has opened company Nikal Ltd with the account in Antigua Overseas Bank where there were also company Moxyco accounts .

Business of mister Kuznetsova is entrusted for conducting to judge Deborah Batts. According to interlocutors, on what decision will be accepted by the judge, it becomes clear, whether Vladimir Kuznetsov to Alexander Jakovleva`s example has followed. If as a preventive punishment holding in custody is selected, means, mister Kuznetsov intends to insist on the innocence. If the court considers possible to release it on the security, means, Vladimir Kuznetsov is ready to co-operate with the investigation. And then it is possible to wait for new exposures.