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Road roughly throw

Yesterday on a press - conferences the chief of the Transbaikalian railway Sergey Timofeev has declared that the highway will not begin a cold season in municipalities of the Chita and Amur areas until administrations of areas will not pay more than 80 million rbl. of debts for the utilities rendered last years (the road posesses hundreds the boiler-houses heating not only structural divisions, but also inhabited quarters. - ). Representatives of regional administrations with claims of railwaymen agree and ready to negotiations. Thus local authorities consider that words of mister Timofeeva and remain only threats: in many run into debt cities and settlements the most part of the population workers of ZabZhD.

Yesterday on a press - conferences chief ZabZhD Sergey Timofeev has declared that does not intend and to suffer further dishonourableness and neglect the duties from municipal authorities. We render services, we provide people with heat and water, and to us for it do not pay! - he was indignant. - we need to make ready for the winter 474 departmental boiler-houses and 500 km of networks, but money for it is not present . Timothy`s mister has emotionally declared that it those boiler and those pipes which rescue in the winter not only our divisions, but also inhabitants of area . According to chief ZabZhD, the road management has done the utmost for collecting of debts: repeatedly concluded agreements of lawsuit, agreed with MO about debts re-structuring, at last, addressed in court and worked through service of court enforcement officers. However considerable reduction of an amount of debt and has not occurred. According to the chief of a highway, the head of areas intentionally evade from payments, and, without observing obligations of agreements of lawsuit, road roughly throw . It is worse than gangsterism! - Sergey Timofeev has declared. - In these conditions we are simply compelled to stop rendering of utilities to debtors! .

representatives of regional administrations present at a meeting with the chief of a highway did not argue. Agreeing that are long is, and them it is necessary to pay, they asked to show understanding to their problems. The first deputy of head of the largest debtor - Chernyshevsky area - Victor Nadeljaev, recognising that it is expensive really delivered heat and water qualitatively and in time, has offered to begin negotiating process and dialogue on this problem . Thus he has noticed that 65 % of inhabitants of area work at the highway enterprises and consequently to break the beginning of a cold season from a management of ZabZhD it would be unreasonable. you cannot leave without heat of own workers! - he has addressed to Sergey Timofeevu, on what last has indignantly answered: In 2004 we concluded with you the agreement of lawsuit. You have deceived us, and now use that to the employees warmly I nevertheless hardly will disconnect! .

as a result Timothy`s mister wearily admitted to journalists that is ready to go on any meaningful dialogue if will be fairly to be satisfied conditions of contracts .

Clara Homenko, Chita