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Industrialists have got on profit

Yesterday vitse - governor of the region Arcady Katz has informed on key positions of the project of the budget for 2006 which has been brought one of these days in region Legislative Assembly. It is planned that since 2006 the profit tax rate will be lowered with 24 to 20 %. If in the beginning of year this offer of the regional authorities has not caused enthusiasm in heads of the large enterprises this time they have treated an innovation more favourably. To lower the profit tax for the enterprises with 24 to 20 % the regional authorities have declared idea in the beginning of this year. Then and. The island of the governor Oleg Chirkunov has met heads of the enterprises, which form 50 % of a profitable part of regional treasury to discuss an administration tax policy in short-term prospect. Then head of area has told that the tax rate can be lowered under a condition if tax bearers keep total volume of payments in the budget or, in other words, will close Dropping out incomes of a profit tax privilege in the increased volumes of output. For industrialists the offer has appeared unexpected. Some of them have declared that cannot guarantee great volumes of sales from which it would be possible to fill dropping out incomes.
yesterday vitse - governor Arcady Katz has officially declared that in the project of the budget of area for 2006 the profit tax rate is lowered on 4 %. And this privilege will concern not only the large enterprises as it was told earlier, and all tax bearers (now 4 - the percentage privilege operates only for the enterprises investing profit in manufacture. - ). If deputies ZS agree with this offer of officials, the Perm area becomes the first Russian region where the privilege for profit extends on all without an exception of tax bearers. this the most radical, the most revolutionary that is provided by the budget project - has declared vitse - the governor.
Arcady Katz has informed that this innovation will manage to the regional budget in 3,3 mlrd roubles. Whereas earlier a privilege for the enterprises cost areas of 800 million roubles.
Vitse - the governor has noticed that all of 4 % lay down on area therefore as 6,5 % on - former will leave the tax rate in the federal budget, and the regional part will decrease with 17,5 to 13,5 %. As Arcady Katz has explained, the regional authorities expect to receive the main effect not from those who already works here, and from those who will come here . It is our contribution to attraction of new investors. It is that resource which we cease to withdraw from business and we leave in economy for development - mister Katz has declared. He also has informed that from next year the federal legislation allows the enterprises of 10 % of the capital investments made by them to write off at a time on expenses. According to Arcady Katz, this innovation will manage to the regional budget in 1,5 mlrd roubles.
heads of the enterprises have estimated possible decrease in the rate of the tax quite positively. It is necessary to notice that now from the companies have not demanded to compensate dropping out incomes of a privilege increase in volumes of output.
this positive decision, also I think, deputies will support it. Such measure is interesting to vertically integrated companies which work in region, but form the centres have arrived out of territory of the Perm area. The Perm plywood industrial complex forms all profit here, therefore we will not feel increase in weight of profit. But we will save on taxes - Yury Gonchar has declared .
Zamgendirektora of Open Company LUKOIL - Perm and the deputy of regional parliament Gennady Tushnolobov notices that the decision will be interesting to all Perm enterprises. But deputies need to count, look very attentively at a parity between a reduction in tax for profit and the look-ahead data under unified social tax, surtax and planned investment programs. If surtax and the sums are increased by investment programs, all is normal. If all start up on dividends, it will not suit us - he has specified.
Anastas KOSTIN;