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The underground Renaissance

In Moscow is opened the second exit from metro station Majakovsky . To quality of architecture of new station GRIGORY - REVZIN was surprised.
the Exit from Majakovsky on Tver engineering - extremely difficult construction. From platform Majakovsky the way goes downwards on the escalator, turns, passes under ways, again turns, rises upwards very long escalator, comes to the big underground hall, whence already on a ladder leads to an exit on Tver.

at once some circumstances forced to suspect that there will be something unpleasant. There is no consent to a theme about what station of the Moscow underground is the most beautiful - Majakovsky or Kropotkinsky but both of them are constructed by the same architect - Alexey Dushkinym. And here to one of these masterpieces the huge piece luzhkovskoj architecture is attached. It in - the first. In - the second, there, on Majakovsky Alexander Dejneki`s remarkable mosaics, also it was terrible to think that on this theme artists have composed luzhkovskie. In - the third, on a surface the Tver new exit left the underground such small greyish booth which would seem too modest even in the market in Mitin. Looking at it, I suspected some weeks the worst that inside. In - the fourth, station Majakovsky is in a heavy engineering condition, it is necessary for restoring urgently, and the new exit instead is under construction. Well and so on.

Having looked at station, I can tell that I have huge, very serious claim to a new lobby of metro station Majakovsky . It, truth, it is difficult to explain. In general, so. The column has such detail - abak. It is such plate which is put between a beam which is born by a column, and a column capital. And so, in a new lobby Majakovsky This abak is absolutely incorrectly decorated by a yellow tile.

everything, is more at me than claims to this station is not present. On the contrary, I am simply amazed by how all is good it is designed (the architect Galina Moon, mosgiprotrans ) . For 15 years there was no luzhkovskoj constructions which would be made with such taste and quality.

architects of station started with three priorities. In - the first, out of respect for Alexey Dushkinu. Drawing Egyptian lotosovidnyh columns is parafrazom it Kropotkinsky and though they stockier, but are drawn very elegantly and the same as at Dushkina, in a lotus flower fixtures are hidden, creating the same effect of soaring of the arch over columns, as on Kropotkinsky . In - the second, the station is obviously built on idea of respect for Alexander Dejneke. A plafond with clouds and a bird soaring in them, located directly on an exit from the escalator so that you move on a ladder directly to the sky, is quite worthy that level with which the underground during an epoch of the blossoming was decorated. And in general the mosaics made on drawings of Ivan Lubennikova by its pupils from Surikovsky institute, it is simple on - to the present are good. At last, the respect for Vladimir Mayakovsky was the third priority. Because as a whole all arch of station is decorated as tetradnyj sheet in a section on which Mayakovsky`s lines, basically from " are written; Clouds in trousers that is ideally suited to a theme of plafonds, and a font inspired by compositions Lisitsky that also it is fine korrespondiruet with Mayakovsky`s theme.

as to other part of station it is necessary to note fine design of plafonds on the escalator, boxes for the persons on duty, the drawing of the escalator - all it as - that unostentatiously beats old Stalin drawing, but thus without frank stylisation. As to an unsightly grey exit on Tver it as it was found out, a shoddy construction, and a input it will be built in the new eight-story house just as other exits from " are built in; Majakovsky . As to a heavy technical condition of historical station, how it was found out, the second exit just allows to close the first and to begin restoration. So any puncture, except this most abaka. Taking an opportunity, it would be desirable to address, as they say, through the press to a management of a city, underground and personally to Galina Moon with the request this tile to reconsider.