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Russia will surround with influence of Kurmanbeka Bakieva

Yesterday to Moscow on a visit there has arrived the president of Kirghizia Kurmanbek Bakiev. For its arrival to the Russian capital prepared more than ever. Here are afraid that Bishkek can reconsider the Prorussian orientation in favour of closer rapprochement with the West. As it became known, for the sake of preservation the status - kvo in Moscow even is developed the special plan of measures on strengthening of the Russian influence in Kirghizia. Today it will test on mister Bakieve.
In connection with danger growth orange revolutions on open spaces CIS Kirgizija became for Russia not only even more important advanced post in the Central Asia, but also the original indicator of level of the Russian influence on the post-Soviet territory in general. Meanwhile in Moscow consider that Bishkek does not hasten to support with affairs the assurances of priority partnership with Russia. The Russian management is disturbed by pro-American moods of some the high-ranking Kirghiz politicians. Of excessive sympathies for Washington, in particular, suspect vitse - a premiere on economic problems of Danijara Usenova and the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rozu Otunbaevu. Special displeasure the head of the Minister of Defence of Kirghizia causes Ismail Isakov whom, according to Moscow, it is constant under far-fetched pretexts obstructs functioning of the Russian air base in the Edging, and also process military - technical cooperation of two countries brakes.

after falling of a mode of Askara Akaeva by spring of this year in the Kremlin tensely reflected on on whom from two leaders of the won opposition - eks - prime minister Kurmanbeka Bakieva or the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Felix Kulova who had about identical chances to hold the higher state post, - it is necessary to count as on a possible conductor of interests of Russia. The nominee of the last seemed preferable, thanks n no small part to a great influence of mister Kulova in the Kirghiz power structures. However, by data, the anxiety was caused by that fact that Felix Kulov is married to the citizen of the USA. For this reason in the Kremlin it has been decided to count on present president Kurmanbeka Bakieva who not today tomorrow will enter the sharp conflict to the colleague of premieres - minister Felix Kulovym.

The matter is that their joint performance on presidential election when in exchange for the promise to appoint its prime minister Felix Kulov has removed the nominee in favour of Kurmanbeka Bakieva, threatens to end with loud political divorce. After all on terms of transaction after a victory mister Bakiev promised to carry out the constitutional reform which means reduction of presidential powers in favour of the prime minister. However the head of the state has already rejected the project of the new constitution of Kirghizia, offered it in the constitutional meeting (KS), and has taken measures for strengthening of presidential control over carrying out of the constitutional reform: Has appointed itself head KS and, according to some information, is going to change its structure, having entered into it devoted people. In this connection, as many observers believe, days of union Bakiev - Kulov are almost considered.

in this hard opposition of Kurmanbeku Bakievu support not only in the country, but also behind its limits is required. In Russia consider that can provide both that, and another. And Moscow intends to operate under specially developed scheme. As it became known, Recently control management of Presidential Administration together with the government of the Russian Federation has developed the Comprehensive plan of actions for strengthening of the Russian influence in Kirghizia on 2005 - 2007. The document, in particular, provides gradual transition of all Kirghiz power complex in hands of the Russian corporations. And Kurmanbek Bakiev has mentioned in due time what rescue this sphere of the Kirghiz economy from crisis arrival of the foreign investor can only. Moscow intends to stake out this place behind itself. Roles are already distributed. It is supposed that in investigation and development of gas deposits, modernisation and a construction of new gas-transport capacities will be engaged Gazprom . The Russian Open Society UES of Russia it is necessary to construct Kambaratinsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - 1 and HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - 2. It is curious that with it to it can help Russian aluminium interested in power supply of large aluminium factory, which Rusal expects to construct in Kirghizia.

besides economic expansion the plan provides expansion and strengthening of the Russian air base in the Edging, allocation of financial assets on modernisation of air defence of Kirghizia, preferential deliveries of the Russian arms, and also financing of strengthening of influence of Russian and creation of Slavic university in republic.

In exchange Moscow, under the information, is ready to forgive to Bishkek of its debt of 50 % ($187,5 million) and to enter the simplified procedure of employment and residing at Russia the Kirghiz guest workers whom, only according to official figures, in the Russian Federation is over 300 thousand quite possibly that mister Bakiev will receive also the promise to accelerate passage on the Russian bureaucratic instances of the project of the bilateral agreement about time renewal of mutual trips of citizens under internal passports and birth certificates. All it urged to raise sharply popularity of the president of Kirghizia in the country.

Certainly, all these arrangements assume preservation of the Prorussian orientation by Bishkek. Kurmanbek Bakiev has joined the requirement of the Shanghai organisation of cooperation to Washington to define concrete terms of a conclusion of the American military bases from the Central Asia, but then about this requirement why - that has forgotten . And here now Moscow insists, that Bishkek has directly asked administrations of the USA a question when the American aircraft will leave the base at airport Manas. As Washington connects necessity of presence of this base with conditions in Afghanistan, in Moscow believe that Americans can clean therefrom the Air Forces soon after parliamentary elections in Afghanistan which will mean the beginning of a postdisputed phase in the Afghani settlement.