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The government of Russia price of bread

In Barnaul has asked to lift the enterprises of the agrarian and industrial complex entering into association the Siberian agreement to avoid losses the price for wheat have asked the government to rise both during grain interventions, and at purchases by administrations of regions of grain for state needs. However this initiative has not found support in administration of Krasnoyarsk region. Yesterday the assistant to the governor of region Victor Razduev has declared that in a similar way businessmen want to shift realisation problems on state shoulders in what he does not see any necessity. Past Wednesday in Barnaul has passed session of grain section of inter-regional association the Siberian agreement representatives of 22 enterprises making and processing grain, letting out bread and bakery products, from a number of the Siberian regions have discussed the pricing mechanism on grain and products of its processing. Today the price for food wheat of the third class has decreased in the market to 2,5 thousand rbl. for ton. During forthcoming grain interventions the government intends to get grain at the market price. In this case zernoproizvodjashchie economy will sustain appreciable losses. According to participants of the market, procurement price increase will lead to growth of cost of bread, but they assert that cost today is artificial is underestimated. According to the head of grain section at coordination council on the agricultural policy and the foodstuffs of Siberia of inter-regional association the Siberian agreement the chairman of board of directors of Open Society the Siberian grain corporation Dmitry Tereshkova, the kg of bread of the first grade should cost not less than 14,5 rbl. it is important to clean a psychological barrier on restriction of top level of price of bread which so our governors or our governmental structures are afraid. And in clear to declare that existing level of an economic condition does not allow to be entered in that price which keeps in some regions the Siberian agreement - the general director of Altay Open Company of agrarian and industrial complex " speaks; Russian field Boris Benkovsky.

As a result participants of session have agreed through the Siberian agreement to address to the government of Russia with the request to rise the price zakupa some grain during planned for the end of August, 2005 of grain interventions at least to 3 thousand rbl. for ton of food wheat of the third class. According to other point of the decision, the government of the Russian Federation it is offered to direct on grain interventions in the territories presented in the Siberian agreement 45 % of the means allocated from the federal budget on these purposes. Besides, participants of meeting intend to address to a management of executive powers of the power of subjects of federation with the offer to get for the state needs grain of a crop of 2005 at the price not below 3,3 thousand rbl. for ton of food wheat of the third class.

the market in deep depression. Such impasse on it yet was not. The majority of the flour-grinding enterprises beyond Ural Mountains the first half of the year 2005 have finished with losses. The situation demands state intervention, and we hope that the authorities will hear our opinion on the exit most comprehensible to us - Dmitry Tereshkov has explained sense of the reference in the government.

yesterday the assistant to the governor of Krasnoyarsk region on agriculture Victor Razduev has declared that though did not see the reference text, but basically against such approach . We render selhoznikam the help by delivery of free herbicides, to indemnification of interest rates under credits, partially we compensate expenses for purchase of new technics. If to buy from them grain all the rest loses meaning - mister Razduev has noted. According to the official, the region administration can go on direct purchases of grain, but only in case of need stabilisation of price of bread. now in it there is no necessity. Acting with similar initiatives, heads of economy only want to shift a problem of realisation of grain on the state. If they speak about crisis and losses should show the economy. We should see expediency of rendering assistance to this or that economy - Victor Razduev has noted.