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Russians remained without men

In a man`s part of US Open does not remain any representative of Russia. Last of competitions Michael Juzhnyj has left. Hardly there are affairs at our tennis-players is better: in 1/ 8 endings have made the way Elena Dementyev, Elena Lihovtseva, Nadezhda Petrova and Maria Sharapova.
the sixth game day, it was clear in advance, simply not could become successful for Russians. After all as the fates decree at once four Russians had to play against each other. So losses were planned. Another matter that the outcome of purely Russian matches has appeared a little unexpected. For example, in steam Elena Lihovtseva - Anastasia Myskina victories waited from last more. Myskina as it seemed, has managed to overcome consequences of the trauma received shortly before the beginning of US Open, and quite could make the way in 1/ 8 endings. The course of the first set has not left any doubts that it will be possible to it: the party has been won by Myskinoj with a whitewash. But then it has very quickly lost advantage. In the second set its game was extremely inexpressive; it was followed hardly more distinct by the third, but also in it Myskinoj during the most responsible moments did not suffice either luck, or concentration.

it was necessary to afflict the compatriot also to Elena Dementevoj who has beaten out from competitions Anna Chakvetadze. Left in the fourth circle also Maria Sharapova and Nadezhda Petrova, beaten Julia Shruff and Loru Grenvill accordingly.

in a man`s part of competitions of representatives of Russia is not present more. Michael Juzhnyj has long held on. But also he has stumbled on Ksave Malisse. Thus defeat has turned out rather insulting. After all Southern, it be a little more successful, could win. It took first two sets, and it needed to suffer very little. But, probably, excitement has affected. Having ruined the third party, the Russian has gathered was in the fourth, but all were solved by one superfluous break performed by the Belgian. In a solving fifth set struggle was already absolutely equal, but also here has not carried - Southern has filled up thaw - a break.

day and without sensations has not managed. Has left competitions the second number of crops Raphael Nadal. To pleasure nju - jorkskoj publics, champion Roland Garros nagolovu has been broken by American James Blejkom. It has simply tortured Nadalja which are famous in the speed and endurance, terrible on accuracy and force blows. Blejku, appear, was all the same, on what trajectory to send a ball - practically all at it turned out. Helped, of course, and tribunes - 20 thousand persons furiously supported the American. Many, possibly, remembered that one year ago Blejk hardly was at all has finished career. during the same time one year ago James practically has been half paralysed. Nobody knew, whether it can when - nibud to play, - has told mother of tennis player Betti. - And now my son as if anew was born .

The tennis player rejoiced to a victory over Nadalem so as if has won all tournament. of what similar and is not dared to dream. I after all even on a rating in the basic tournament did not pass and only thanking wild card could play. While all develops simply perfectly - James Blejk has declared.