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Video for a week

Live (2006 *****) Alexander Veledinsky, on my deep belief, the best Russian film of year. On a genre, probably, a tragicomedy, but with national specificity. It when both tragedy, and a comedy - not private, but majestic scale. Destiny not a deity, a toss-up defining whom to live and to whom to die, and somebody terrestrial, davnym - for a long time started war, and forgotten both about war, and about those who continues to leave on it. The formula of such destiny - a song which the soldiers wounded in the Chechen Republic in hospital entertain themselves: For the states integrity and an oil stock sleeps with a throat cut unfortunate ` a contrabass ` . the Contrabass that is the contract employee, Kir comes back from front without a foot: has earned money on wedding.
for the time being all event on the screen absolutely plausibly: Alexander Veledinsky in general after has altered in Russian Edward Limonova`s (2004) Kharkov prose, was considered as the especial naturalist. Grease melancholy of the crippled young muzhiks in hospital; voenkomatskaja a rat whom Kir executes for extortion; a night stall where bride Kira who is afraid works that together with a foot to it cut off which - that more essentially; a feast in honour of returning home on which any relative, joining to to military glory brags that served vertuhaem and has filled up the convict. Dense, rendered habitable, hopeless, but not grotesque, not soiled by a seamy side, normal such world.

and in this is that a dense reality absolutely organically the two brother-soldiers of Kira who have pulled out it from any damned height, yes and not replaced a winter camouflage on civil enter, forgotten to hand over the weapon on a warehouse. Healthy muzhiks, loyal friends, cheerful stallions. Funny: that will tell, it would be desirable to neigh, as on Tarantino. However, vodka do not drink, cigarettes do not smoke, but only smell. And anybody, except Kira, them does not see. Unless drunk in the street but that only in a drunken condition will not seem. Unless bride Kira will throw it in a back: Good-bye, boys . But also here it is not clear: whether she sees their or ordinary citation, hardly contemptiously says goodbye to not taken place husband. Unless the musician the Spleen in night club when the Trinity will get out to Moscow, will nod it at parting. However, if to look narrowly, he all time so nods. The matter is that friends have saved Kira by the life, and now are as though in discharge which sense will clear up only in the ending. Sometimes it seems that the director will not sustain up to the end set intonation, will break on any platitude of type: While you here on clubs gadded, we in the Chechen Republic died . Or will take from bushes a grand piano like successfully turned up Kiru of the coeval - the priest unctuously to reconcile it with with what it is impossible to reconcile. And still can seem that in a film some endings: it is a frequent sin of recent debutants. But in Live there is that you will seldom meet even at bisons of direction: not the ending, and katarsis. to Cross line (Walk the Line, 2005 ***) James Mengolda - the biography of an idol fate - n - a beater and Johnny Kesha`s country, the author of an ingenious line: I have shot the person in Rino, is simple to look, as he will die . However, the biopic breaks constantly in a musical: 26 songs on a film - obvious search. Worse that the Cache portrait though it also was not the most wild animal in fate - a zoo 1960 - h, left fresh, accurate though in hrestomatii for Sunday schools print. It as if is collected from the designer. The childhood on a cotton farm, despite assurances of the director, not so not seeming to the unbearable. The delight from that it costs on one scene about fate - idols to see which edge of an eye else recently it seemed the higher happiness. Hobby for harmful substances which the Cache quickly overcomes will power. Great light love. With love, however, it has funny turned out. The musician of years ten achieved a hand and country heart - singer Dzhun Carter and, apparently, so it has got that she at last has agreed to connect with it the life. Hoakin the Phoenix absolutely unpersuasively represents an attack amfetaminovoj a coma when the Cache falls directly on a scene, kalecha spotlights. And depths alkogolno - a narcotic chasm reaches, when it is compelled to sell the car and to go to Dzhun on foot. Here horror - that what to what whisky of people leads up. In a word, the main lack of a film - its name. No fatal line which the hero has ostensibly crossed, on the screen is present and in pomine.