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Schneider Electric ishche to itself a place near Kazan

Yesterday the general director of Open Society Tatenergo Ilshat Fardiev has told that French Schneider Electric (SE) intends to invest 5 - 8 million euro in creation in Tatarstan manufactures of an electric equipment for distributive networks. Capacities are not defined yet, but already now experts consider the project rather perspective, specifying that the similar equipment in Russia is not made by anybody. As the general director of Open Society " has told ; Tatenergo Ilshat Fardiev, in Zurich within the limits of the last forum of Tatarstan Investment possibilities and cooperation prospects the memorandum between the government of republic, French SE and " has been concluded; Tatenergo . The document fixes intentions SE to enclose in manufacture creation near Kazan from 5 to 8 million euro. At factory it is planned to make the equipment for distributive networks. According to mister Fardieva while capacity of the future enterprise is unknown, however it is supposed that it will settle down in territory of an order of 10 thousand in sq. m.
Now experts SE select floor spaces which she intends to rent in the first half of the year 2007. As the general director " has told; Tatenergo factory building can be finished till the end of 2007.
l Schneider Electric makes the power distributive equipment for the building market, the industrial enterprises, electric power industry and objects of an infrastructure. Is present at 170 countries. The annual turnover in Russia makes 250 million euro, in Tatarstan - 13 million euro. In Russia 2 factories and 5 manufactures under the licence agreement are, 2 from which settle down in Tatarstan. The gain of annual turnovers in Russia makes an order of 40 %. Besides, mister Fardiev has told, SE has already enclosed 2 million euro in the organisation in territory of Tatarstan of manufactures under the licence agreement. So, in the first quarter 2007 on the areas TATEK (Zainsk, joint venture Tatenergo and SE) manufacture of block complete transformer substations on technology of the French firm will be started. Also in 2007 on this platform is planned to begin release of cells for electric power distribution.
mister Fardiev has informed that the company headed by it has strategic plans for development on networks in Tatarstan . Thus, he has noted, tatarstanskaja the power company carries out all projects taking into account purchases at SE, as their equipment passes at the price, quality and reliability degree .
the Technical director of Joint-Stock Company Schneider Elektrik (Moscow) Valery Sazhenkov has told that planned Types of the industrial equipment are specified and as a whole the project is entered in industrial strategy to Russia . According to mister Sazhenkova, the project of Tatarstan on building of a complex of petrochemical factories in which equipment SE intend to take active part is interesting to the company also.
discussion of investment participation Tatenergo in new project SE, mister Sazhenkov while is " has noticed; in embryo . The investor counts that production will be claimed both in Tatarstan, and in all regions of Russia. The time of recovery of outlay, by sight the interlocutor , will make an order 5 - 6 years.
independent experts believe that plans SE are quite defensible. According to analyst IK TrojkaDialog Gajrata Salimova, in transmission it is necessary to put supergreat volume of investments as demand will be rather high . For SE, the expert, " believes; a macroeconomic wind in a back as the policy of the government of Tatarstan stimulates growth of investments into all areas of economy, the petrochemical complex is here again developed. Thus, mister Salimov has noted, the annual gain on power consumption makes an order of 2 % (under forecasts, in 2006 the volume of the consumed electric power will make 972 mlrd kw/), therefore expenses for factory building will pay off approximately in three years.
Lilija Mirgazieva