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the Moscow museum of the modern art has celebrated the semiletie with exhibition display Conversation by hands. Photos from Henry Boulle`s meeting . The exposition including works of many glorified photographers and modern artists - from Brassaja to Sindi Sherman and from Alexander Rodchenko to Oleg Kulika, made with the assistance of Fund Solomona Guggenhajma and Proactive PR, has arrived to Moscow within the limits of world tour - before it was shown in New York, Bilbao, Essen and St.-Petersburg (in Russian museum). The history of the modern art explained on fingers, IRINA KULIK looked.
Nju - jorksky the businessman, the photographer - the fan and philanthropist Henry Boulle has started to collect the collection of pictures of hands in the beginning 1990 - h years - the rare photo of Alfreda Stiglitsa " became its first acquisition; Hands with a thimble (1920), embodied brushes of the wife of the photographer of artist Julia About ` Kif. Today its collection totals more than thousand products in the total cost approximately Poslednee vremja Henry Boulle`s $15 million has stopped to collect photos - but not hands: henceforth it gets their sculptural images. The collection beginning was almost casual - so basically it is possible to dream up that, develop circumstances differently, we could see a collection of pictures of eyes, lips, napes or any else parts of a body. But they, most likely, would appear simply a funny thing - unlike meeting of hands to which indeed can entrust all history of a photo and the modern art.

at an exhibition it is a lot of portraits of hands of the glorified actors - George Braka, Jean Cocteau, Marseilles Djushana, Andy Warhol. However, it is clear that, since same Djushana, art became all less and less man-made, and many artists could like architect Frenku Lloyd Right in a picture of Pedro Guerrero, is faster explain on fingers the ideas, rather than compress in them a brush. However, hands of creators stay in idleness not so much, having subcontracted the basic work to a head, how many start to exist in an independent mode. The image of the hand separated from a body becomes one of through motives in the surrealism, aspiring, as it is known, excluding from creative process consciousness, that is a head and more often eyes: the automatic letter and drawing needed to be practised blindly, having given to a hand free rain to slide on a paper in an independent mode. And even the surrealistic photo became as though without participation of an eye and actually the chamber, it is literally to the touch - as it assumed man - reevskie photograms, some of which, representing, naturally, hands, are at an exhibition. However, and hands of the artists having to surrealism unless the indirect relation, in Henry Boulle`s collection often separate from the owner. So, Picasso`s hands at an exhibition are presented in two paradoxical images: in a picture of Brassaja of 1943 the mould of a brush of the master is embodied. And Picasso`s sitting at a table fingers are changed for photos of Robera Duano of 1952 by grain croissants. Well-known aktsionist Paul McCartney is presented absolutely radical raschlenenkoj - its picture the Right hand has embodied rather naturalistic model of the chopped off extremity. Mould hands - spare parts which can be screwed on any body collected from one artificial limbs, appear and in a picture of well-known photoartist Sindi Sherman. And here the character of the author refined fotokunstkamer the normal human complete set of extremities obviously has not enough Dzhoelja Peter Uitkina - it has whole four ustrashajushche live hands. Received independence of a hand body are ready to turn to quite self-sufficient beings - as it occurs at the author of an experimental surrealistic sensuality Hans Bellmera representing copulating brushes. But it is far not any hand which has separated from a body can become the free artist. In videorecording of an exhibition finishing an exposition - performance Oleg Kulika Art first-hand taken place in the beginning 1990 - h in gallery Ridzhina hands of the soldiers employed for the action sticking out of walls stretched to public of work of the known Moscow conceptual artists working mainly as brains.

however, language of hands approaches at all only for conversations on art. At an exhibition in the hand Museum of Modern Art cover literally all aspects of life. Khruschev, Trotsky`s hands, Malkolma H talk politics - however, gesture of the participant of demonstration against war in Vietnam, stretching a flower in reply to the bayonets of police set on it in Mark Ribu`s picture is not less eloquent also. Set of hands tell about fear and tenderness, belief and mercy, loneliness and passion that unique language which is clear photos - language not words, but gesture. Hands much less, rather than the person, are capable to lie. Hands approach even to illustrate with the wrinkles, for example, an origin of some mountain chains by smorshchivanija globe (James Nesmita`s picture of 1874). Eventually, hands is that always is had near at hand at any photographer.

the hand is considered almost the most ancient image created by the person, - if to remember prints of palms on walls of prehistoric caves. But in a photo and in art of the XX-th century the hand, perhaps, appears a key metaphor of a new problematics - what the artist henceforth creates art.