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Tarquinii and Lukretsija have gone on the world

In GMII Pushkin`s name from the Hermitage there has arrived a picture Tarquinii and Lukretsija - Peter Pauela Rubens`s stored in Russia the most scandalous product. Means not brutalno - an erotic plot of a picture, and its post-war biography: were before the Second World War in a palace the Dignity - Susi in Potsdam more than fifty years hid a cloth in Russia while it has not got to a collection of businessman Vladimir Logvinenko. ANNA tells About masterpiece adventures - TOLSTOV.
on huge (187214 sm) a canvas is represented the Roman executed low passions breaking last coverlet from the bared beauty, over them soars the Cupid with a torch, whispering something on an ear to the tyrant, and by a sheaf of snakes the goddess of a revenge the Fury behind shakes. The intricate composition of a picture is partially borrowed at Titian, and dramatic nature and an expression - at favourite Raphaelesque pupil Dzhulio Romano: As believe, Rubens has written it in 1609 - 1611, soon after returning from Italy to Flanders when it was still full of the Italian impressions. Titianesque Tarkvinija and Lukretsiju from a palace of Alkasar in Madrid Rubens could see during diplomatic business trip to Spain where has gone, being in the service at mantuanskogo the duke. And razgljadyvanie Dzhulio Romano`s frescos in a palace del Those was, probably, Rubens`s favourite pastime in Mantua.

the picture plot is taken from an ancient Roman history: the son of last Roman tsar of Tarquinii has outraged upon respectable citizen Lukretsiej, that has committed suicide, relatives of the dead woman and all Romans together with them were indignant and have expelled tsars from Rome where the republic thus was established. And though seminary students recommended to understand history of Tarkvinija and Lukretsii in allegorical spirit as an antique parallel to the bible story about chaste Susanne, and advised to concentrate on a raised theme of a victory, let and posthumous, virtues over defect, artists preferred to stop on a rape scene.

museum employees too recommend to think of the raised moments connected with wonderful finding of a masterpiece of Rubens in Russia, and to rejoice that our country was enriched with this treasure: early things of the great Fleming of such scale at us really are not present. In GMII in general refuse to answer the disgusting questions of journalists connected with history of a picture, and its owner evasively name certain private fund . However from such half-words the biography Tarkvinija and Lukretsii does not become less scandalous.

Before war the picture was stored in Potsdam, it in 1765 Fridrih Great for gallery of a palace has bought the Dignity - Susi. After war the cloth was considered as the gone. All this time the huge canvas has lain combined several times, as a bed-sheet, in a family taken out a picture from Germany the major of the Soviet army while in 1999 his daughter has not dared to sell expensive inheritance to the Moscow antiquaries. By then as a cloth have taken out in this world, Tarkvinija and Lukretsiju was not to learn; has especially got to poor thing Lukretsii: the person and shoulders were practically showered. As a result the huge spoilt canvas as work of the unknown artist of second half of XVII-th century or the artist of a circle Rubens Vladimir Logvinenko has got. During restoration there was an assumption that is gone of the Dignity - Susi Rubens`s picture, and the new owner has addressed in the Potsdam museum with the offer on sale. So one of the loudest germano - Russian restitutsionnyh scandals of last time has begun.

within one and a half years the German party accused mister Logvinenko of concealment stolen, it proved the innocence, a picture from it have confiscated and held in spetshrane GMII, and business was discussed in the meantime top-level between Gerhard Schroder and Vladimir Putin. After in the autumn of 2004 the German court recognised the Russian collector as the lawful owner of a picture, Tarkvinija and Lukretsiju have exposed in the Hermitage: mister Logvinenko has given the Rubens to a museum on time storage.

here if not this ugly trophy history, Vladimir Logvinenko`s name Fridriha Great would appear in the biography rubensovskogo a masterpiece along with nice names of the previous owners, for example. And so the present owner of a picture in GMII even hesitate to mention. In the Hermitage, however, in molchanku do not play and openly name a name of the collector. The director of a museum Michael Piotrovsky has informed that after an exhibition in Moscow Tarquinii and Lukretsija will return to Petersburg - in Rubens`s Hermitage hall.