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The rate payment

When on screens left two years ago a comedy Four taxi drivers and a dog appear, that fruitful game by words a taxi and the rate it is already settled from the first. On the contrary: throughout a film and the taxi pool where action was developed, has not burnt through yet, and the dog of the rate has bred. To follow to its example taxi drivers of which pairing LYDIA - MASLOV observed have solved.
for the last two years the legal taxi advertised in a film and could not become more popular in the people, than dempingujushchie private carriers without everyones shashechek, and even ritual church chanting in the ending of the first series about that it is necessary to trust the yellow car have not conceived due action. However authors do not leave efforts and a sequel Four taxi drivers and a dog - 2 begin with razveshivanija a huge publicity board with a slogan Figaro here, Figaro there - From this at once it is clear that to the rate named in honour of hero Beaumarcha, all - taki was possible to become the person, that is an impudent red muzzle of the taxi pool which director (Sergey Rubeko) undertook in the first series desperate attempts to let rot rubbishy pribludnogo pesika. In the second film the director has realised the error, and now on a dog all pray: it not only on advertising, but also on journal covers, and in a box, and guzzles at leisure a cervelat from a human plate.

has grown, however, and a livestock of the enemies machinating against the rate and against comfortable conditions of its existence: to the blonde from club of the dog breeding, not managed to drown the rejected puppy in infancy, the builder of the cottage settlements (Roman Madjanov) was added, gathering to appropriate territory of any reserve and the hunting station where rates are amused with foxes. The main thing in a picture, however, not the conflict of interests which is authorised routinely, and rich and various private life of taxi drivers. The former Voronezh racer (Ljubov Zajtseva) who, actually, also is the mistress of an animal, is occupied by training all the same Italian grocer (Dzhuliano of Dee Capua). That, absolutely having gone mad from impossibility at last to be combined on - normal, declares itself the bankrupt to cause pity for which Russian women are famous for the whole world, than causes only a new attack of fury when the deceit reveals. Victor Bychkova`s mild hero like already would adjust joint life with the professor - the ornithologist from a zoo (Alexander Berezovets - Skachkova), but grieves on favourite, left in business trip for a pink seagull, and gives the psevdonadsonovskie verses to one Moscow factory newspaper which publishes them on the front page with heading Last love of the taxi driver instead of usual hedlajnov type The grandson has eaten the grandmother . Driver Zavaruhin (Anatoly Gorjachev), in the first series toiling of - for divorce and separation from the son, unexpectedly gets to itself very young klounessu and even remembers the circus past, acting with it on arena, but, being zvan on a visit on shows, suddenly starts to fluctuate between the circus actor and more suitable for it on age mum. The most vigorous character (Alexey Panin) establishes the whole firm on operation of the rate for advertising of forages and on this slippery path (Svetlana Hodchenkova) preferring hamsters gets acquainted with the tax inspector. At the first casual collision with inspektorshej in inherent paninskomu to the character to a manner it already was brings a fist to go to it on points, but, having received the notice, quickly changes tactics for the offer beer to drink, chips pohrustet .

Continued the cooperation in the second series taksistskih adventures a script writer Alla Krinitsyna and director Feodor Popov behave this time already just as the skilled taxi drivers fooling by fine words by wild cases ostensibly from life, and in the meantime reeling up superfluous kilometric area kruzhnym a way so all this film trip on pure and spacious Moscow streets occupies more than two hours. As authors prefer an individual approach, and for screen time for anybody from the biped pupils do not feel sorry - will not shut companies to the Italian, undertaken to list names of all children which he wants from taksistki. But if it did it faster, not on the second transfer, and on a heel, the big economy of spectator forces and time could turn out.