Rus News Journal


  the Cassation to the Oppositionist have cancelled prigovorverhovnyj court of Bashkiria has satisfied the appeal of one of leaders of the Bashkir opposition of Ajrata Dilmuhametova and has returned in the Kirov district court of Ufa on new consideration has put in the relation it. We will remind, on May, 5th current year the court of the Kirov area of Ufa the decision has sentenced Ajrata Dilmuhametova to 1 year of imprisonment conditionally with 3 - a summer trial period. He has been condemned on p.1 item 280 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Public appeals to extremist activity ) For statements on the past on March, 26th and on April, 7th, 2005 in Ufa and Moscow meetings. The court has seen in these actions of mister Dilmuhametova an appeal to violent overthrow of the power and threat for a political management of republic . Lawyer Ilnur Salimjanov considers: the Supreme court has considered that the rights to protection of my client have been broken, in essence the sentence was under construction on inadmissible proofs . Mister Dilmuhametov expects that new witnesses will be invited to reconsideration of the case and independent linguistic examination of its performances in which result it will be justified is spent.
Ilshat Gajnullin. Ufa