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Tolmachevo wants to show cinema

the Management of Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo has invited the company ArtSajns Sinema Distribjushn (ASSD) to construct at the airport a multiplex. kinoprokatchik it is ready to enclose in the project which takes place the coordination with supervising bodies, it is more than 30 million rbl. If coordination process comes to the end successfully, Tolmachevo can become the first airport of Russia equipped with cinema halls. Under the information , the idea of building of a cinema belongs to the general director of Open Society Airport Tolmachevo to Alexey Chertenkovu. In the airport press-service have confirmed presence at administration of such plans, but have noticed that speech while goes about preliminary arrangements. Any documents with ArtSajns Sinema Distribjushn in this respect it is not signed yet.
ArtSajns Sinema Distribjushn operates 13 cinema halls at five Novosibirsk cinemas ( the Aurora Horizon the Pioneer the Cinema Planet cinema Continents ) And in two inogorodnyh - in Berdsk and Kemerovo. Monthly serves about 100 thousand persons. According to the research company nevafilm it is a unique network of cinemas with the central office out of Moscow and Petersburg, entering into 10 largest Russian operators. Owners - spouses Galym and Ljubov Sainovy. The turn does not reveal. Galym Sainov has confirmed yesterday that its company has received the offer on cinema building in Tolmachevo and even has developed the preliminary project of such object. As he said, speech can go about trehzalnom a cinema on 100 places (on 33 in everyone) with a rest zone to the cafe, equipped with projective screens for demonstration of those or other video programs (for example, sports meets). The cinema Total area will make 1,6 thousand in m, the investment, according to mister Sainova, will exceed 30 million rbl.
Besides film display the company intends to organise on the basis of a cinema sale of tickets in theatres, on concerts and sports competitions in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Novosibirsk. it is very convenient: you go to business trip and before a departure come to us at the airport and look that goes at this time in capital. Also can buy at once the ticket, having solved a problem of the organisation of the cultural program - mister Sainov assumes.
to the Head of department of marketing of the company Sinema Park to Alina Sigachevoj the idea of building of the multiplex consisting of microhalls, has not seemed very perspective. In its opinion, at ASSD there can be problems with napolnjaemostju even 30-seater halls and to count the companies it is possible only on non-flying weather. Not especially interesting the idea of an aerocinema and to the general director of the company " has seemed; Karo the Film to Igor Ilchuku. As he said, this sort of offers of its company nobody did. Mister Ilchuk considers that the most reasonable variant is the organisation at the airports of display of film programs in format DVD. However, madam Sigacheva recognised that the similar offer on the cinema hall device Sinema Park received from the Domodedovo airport.
Galym Sainov recognises that runs risks: at one Russian airport cinemas yet do not work. Nevertheless he hopes that the project can be successful. As potential spectators of a cinema mister Sainov sees as transients, and what flights are postponed, have for night time or early morning. it would be easier to me to arrive to the airport in the evening, to watch film and to depart, than to rise at three o`clock in the morning and to reach the airport by a taxi - the businessman considers. Last year Tolmachevo has served more than 200 thousand tranzitnikov. The general volume of passenger traffic for 11 months 2006 has made 1,5 million persons.
Stanislav Sokolov, Novosibirsk