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the Director P.Sigal. In roles: M.Makgro, R.Gant, J. Jackson, E.Merfi (the USA, 2000)
In the version the Cranky professor 1995 black comedian Eddi Murphy played five persons, this time it is necessary to it eight roles. Main - the thick professor - genetik, enamoured of the colleague - genetichku Janet Jackson.

memoirs of the geisha 23. 40

the Director R.Marshall. In roles: J.Kudo, K.Momoi, K.Vatanab, K.Jakuse, L.Gong (the USA, 2005)

the Beautiful drama which has been removed under the book with the same name of Arthur Goldena. Transformation of Nity Sajjuri from a disgusting duckling in the main geisha 30 - h years of the last century. Japanese exotic in understanding of the American director and with the Chinese beauties in leading roles.


the Amusing attractive face 1. 40

Director S.Donen. In roles: O.Hepbern, F. Aster (the USA, 1957)

the Musical about history of the Cinderella 60 - h years: the heroine of fine Odri Hepbern from - for a book counter rises straight on a cover of glossy magazine. The photographer - shining chechetochnik Fred Aster.

Ren of TV

the Novel with a stone 21. 30

the Director R.Zemekis. In roles: D.De of Vito, K.Turner, M.Duglas (the USA, 1984)

the Adventure comedy in the spirit of Indiana Johns with young both shaggy Michael Duglasom and its wife of that time, eccentrical beauty Ketlin Turner. Together they search for treasure, terribly swear and are touchingly reconciled.

Sunday, on December, 24th

Bridges of district Madison 23. 15

Director K.Eastwood. In roles: J. A tub, M.Strip, E.Korli (the USA, 1995)

the Retro - history about short and impossible love of two mature people: the photographer and the farmer. In their roles - cleverly both adequately growing old Klint Eastwood and great Meril the Strip.

Ren of TV

Noel 20. 30

Director C.Palminteri. In roles: A.Arkin, P.Krus, P.Walker, R.Williams, S.Sarandon (the USA, 2004)

the Christmas melodrama with tears, unfortunate love, but, as usual, with proof belief of inevitability of a miracle. Console each other Penelopa Krus and Sjuzan Sarandon.


the Femme fatale 0. 45

the Director B.De the Palm tree. In roles: G.Henri, P.Kojot, R.Rodzhen - Stamos, A.Banderas (the USA - France, 2002)

In a role of femme fatale Rebekka Romejn which besides inhuman magnetism also the inveterate adventurer - at the Cannes festival steals brilliants for a round sum and easy comes back to Paris. Worthy love of the shameless thief there is Antonio Banderas.