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Life will return in a hural

the Supreme court of Tuva has satisfied claims of deputies from the Russian party of life (RPZH) Ivan Chucheva and Sergey Safrina about a recognition illegal results of elections in a great hural in East and Leningrad election districts of Kyzyl. ZHiznentsy are assured that as a result they can take the majority in republican parliament, and promise to stop hural boycott. Their opponents from an United Russia consider that re-elections - very much zatratnoe action and on it in the budget are not present money . Under the claim of deputies from Ivan Chucheva and Sergey Safrina`s regional branch RPZH the Supreme court of Tuva has accepted the decision on Thursday late at night. Deputies have proved that elections passed in Kyzyl with infringements because of territorial election committee.
we will remind, the electoral committee of Kyzyl has cancelled results of elections on five one-mandatory districts of Kyzyl where on elections in a great hural candidates RPZH on October, 8th have won. Occasion to cancellation of elections was that on sites not registered voters (students kyzylskih high schools with a time residence permit), and also the left or died people ostensibly voted.
in court zhiznentsam it was possible to prove that dead souls have been included in lists of voters meaningly to raise a threshold of an appearance or to cancel results of elections. the Tuva electoral committee tried is artificial to overestimate a threshold of an appearance of voters during elections. I will tell more, TIC decisions on all to five districts were obviously illegal. The court has drawn correct conclusions, the decision is fair, I am completely satisfied by it - mister Chuchev has commented on a judgement.
Ivan Chucheva and Sergey Safrina`s party companions in Kyzyl have met cancellation of results of elections enthusiastically. If and further so will go, we, most likely, we will receive the majority in parliament. And then we will not remove from themselves deputy powers - Zoe Sat has declared yesterday the head of regional branch RPZH. As she said, if the court position does not change and under other claims, the party will stop boycott of a hural which lasts two months.
in legislative chamber of a great hural, on the one hand, divide optimism zhiznentsev, with another - do not believe that parliamentary crisis will be resolved even in case of their victory in court. According to the head of information-analytical management of legislative chamber Vladimir Kochergin, zhiznentsev, most likely, will restore in parliament next year where they will receive the majority of places . It is assured, the court will cancel decisions of territorial election committees, recognising elections in city districts illegal. Thus, command RPZH in legislative chamber will consist of 17 persons, and United Russia party members will be only 15. But parliamentary crisis, possibly, will proceed, as after a victory recognition zhiznentsev on elections at United Russia party members, most likely, there will be a desire to resign - has given the forecast mister Kochergin.
however, the victory in court yet does not mean that zhiznentsy will automatically receive mandates in parliament. Clearness in, whether in disputable districts will be spent re-elections or representatives RPZH recognises as deputies while is not present. Could not answer yesterday this question and in electoral committee of Tuva.
in turn, Tuva United Russia party members dissatisfied with a judgement in general have assumed that all remains as is . ZHiznentsy the satisfaction of the ambitions hardly will achieve. Re-elections - very much zatratnoe the enterprise on which in republic there is no money - Zoe Dorzhu has declared the deputy from fraction ER. Also madam Dorzhu has noticed that neither it, nor its colleagues are not going to compose power in the near future.
On Monday the Supreme court of Tuva will begin claim consideration zhiznentsa Boris Balchij-oola about a recognition illegal results of elections in the Central election district of Kyzyl. Consideration of claims of deputies from RPZH and Zoes Sat (Road district) will pass Vyacheslav Ushkalova (Right-bank district) on Tuesday.
Nonna Goncharenko, Alexander Konovalov, Krasnoyarsk