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People have simply spat on the power

Almost all private carriers of Omsk break the labour legislation - to such conclusion inspectors state inspection of safety of work across the Omsk region have come. Claims of the checking were caused by non-observance of safety requirements and cases of work of the drivers who have done not pass physical examination. Representatives of private carriers, in turn, are assured that checks - last argument of the authorities in struggle against those who has refused to participate in municipal tenders for distribution of routes . Yesterday the main state inspector of profile department of state inspection of work across the Omsk region Sergey Pisarev has informed that for 11 months at transport agencies of Omsk is revealed more than 700 infringements of the labour legislation. As he said, the considerable part of infringements is necessary on owners of private fixed-route taxis. The overwhelming majority does not know bases of the labour legislation, there are no schedules of work of drivers, instructions on safety. Besides, there are infringements and regarding passage of obligatory pretrip medical inspection. Claims are practically to all carriers - mister Pisarev has complained. State inspection has recommended to city department of transport to strengthen control over work of fixed-route taxis.
under contracts with department of transport on the basis of results of municipal competitions in Omsk 1557 fixed-route taxis work. About 2 thousand gazelles work on routes illegally as their owners consider conditions of competitions unfair. In March of this year owners and drivers of fixed-route taxis have spent some mass protest actions against transport reform, and also picketed a building of the government of Russia in Moscow, achieving the right to work in Omsk. According to experts, the market turn makes more than 800 million rbl. a month. Heads of associations of private carriers with conclusions of inspectors on a labour safety categorically do not agree. As they said, the overwhelming majority of businessmen is executed by all requirements of the labour legislation. that any instructions somewhere do not hang, does not influence traffic safety in any way. And the law on which for it it is possible to punish, no. As to physical examination it there take place 99,9 % of drivers, and separate hooligans were and will be always - the chairman of the board of the Omsk union of autocarriers has underlined (unites owners more than 1 thousand private fixed-route taxis. - ) Andrey Fedorov.
leaders of independent trade unions of transport workers in claims of inspectors have made out the next attempt of pressure on those carriers which have refused to participate in municipal competitions on distribution of routes. According to the chairman of Omsk independent trade union of workers of motor transport (unites about 500 drivers of fixed-route taxis. - ) Vladimir Zanina, all at us in a full order and with safety of work, and with medical inspections: them there passes each driver, each businessman has a contract with medical institution; in the conditions of the most severe control from transport inspection and traffic police any driver drunk at the wheel will not sit down . In its opinion, checks of safety of working conditions - last argument of the authorities in struggle against those who has refused to participate in municipal competitions . After the mayoralty has refused to listen to our offers, people have simply spat on the power and go without any competitions. Reports on us make, but the legal department of trade union with them successfully struggles: from 2 thousand Reports which we have appealed against in court from the beginning of so-called transport reform, we have lost case only in 13 cases. Probably, try to grope other our weak places - Vladimir Zanin has assumed.
Anton Medvedev, Omsk